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Year Title
2017 Lattice qcd exploration of parton pseudo-distribution functionsPhysical review D. 12.
2017 Quasi-parton distribution functions, momentum distributions, and pseudo-parton distribution functionsPhysical review D.
2017 Target mass effects in parton quasi-distributionsPhysics Letters B. 514-522.
2016 Virtuality and transverse momentum dependence of thepion distribution amplitudePhys. Rev.. 056002.
2015 Pion Electromagnetic Form Factor in VirtualityDistribution FormalismPoS. 010.
2015 Virtuality Distributions and $??* ?0$ Transition Form Factor at Handbag Level!!!Few Body Syst.. 287-293.
2015 Virtuality Distributions and Pion Transition FormFactorInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 1560050.
2014 Analytic evolution of singular distribution amplitudesin QCDPhys. Rev.. 074003.
2014 New model for nucleon generalized parton distributionsInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 1460034.
2014 Studies of analytic evolution of two-photon generalizeddistribution amplitude in QCDInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 1460037.
2014 Virtuality Distributions in Application to ??* ?0 Transition Form Factor at HandbagLevelPhys. Lett.. 417-425.
2013 Modeling Nucleon Generalized Parton DistributionsPhys. Rev.. 096017.
2013 Sum rules for nucleon generalized parton distributionsand border function formulationPhys. Rev.. 056010.
2013 Topics in theory of generalized parton distributionsPhys. Part. Nucl.. 469-489.
2012 Basics of generalized parton distributionsInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 238-250.
2012 Proceedings, QCD Evolution Workshop (QCD 2012)Int. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. pp.1-281.
2012 Regge trajectories in QCD
2012 Singularities of generalized parton distributionsInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 251-265.
2011 Deeply Virtual Exclusive Processes and Generalized Parton DistributionsJ.Phys.Conf.Ser.. 012006-012029.
2011 Generalized Parton Distributions and Their SingularitiesPhys. Rev D. 076006.
2011 Method of Analytic Evolution of Flat DistributionAmplitudes in QCDInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 227-238.
2011 Shape of pion distribution amplitude and transversemomentum in hard exclusive processesInt. J. Mod. Phys. Conf. Ser.. 200-215.
2010 Quark Counting Rules: Old and New ApproachesInt. J. Mod. Physics. 502-512.
2009 Perturbative QCD of Hard and Soft ProcessesMod. Phys. Lett.. 2803-2824.
2009 Shape of Pion Distribution AmplitudePhys Rev D.
2008 Amomalous form factor of the neutral pion in the extended AdS/QCD model with Chern-Simons termPhysical review D.
2008 Anomalous Form Factor of the Neutral Pion in ExtendedAdS/QCD Model with Chern-Simons TermPhys. Rev.. 115024.
2008 Pion in the holographic model with 5D Yang-Mills fieldsPhysical review D.
2007 Compton Scattering Cross Section on the Proton at High Momentum TransferPHys Rev Lett. 152001.
2007 Form factors and wave functions of vector mesons in holographic QCDPhys Lett B. 421-427.
2007 Pion form factor in the chiral limit of a hard-wall AdS/QCD modelPhysical review D.
2007 Pion form-factor in chiral limit of hard-wall AdS/QCDmodelPhys. Rev.. 115007.
2007 Structue of vector mesons in a holographic model with linear confinementPhysical review D.
2007 Structure of vector mesons in holographic model withlinear confinementPhys. Rev.. 095007.
2007 Weak deeply virtual compton scatteringPhys Rev D.
2006 Higher fock-state contributions to the generalized parton distribution of pionPhysical review D.
2006 Holographic wave functions, meromorphization and counting rulesPhys Lett B. 459-468.
2006 Light come sum rules for??N?? transitation form factorsPhysical review D.
2006 Light cone sum rules for gamma* N —> Delta transitionform-factorsPhys. Rev.. 034020.
2005 Nucleon form factors from generalized parton distributionsPhysical review D.
2005 Polarization transfer in proton compton scattering at high momentum transferPHys Rev Lett.
2005 Unraveling hadron structure with generalized partondistributionsPhys. Rept.. 1-387.
2004 QCD sum rules and models for generalized parton distributionsAnnalen d. Physik. 718-730.
2003 Exclusive annihilation p anti-p —> gamma gamma in ageneralized parton picturePhys. Rev. Lett.. 092001.
2003 Power law wave functions and generalized partondistributions for pionPhys. Rev.. 073014.
2002 Hadron structure: The fundamental physics to access viaGPDsNucl. Phys.. 99-108.
2002 High energy angular distribution measurements of theexclusive deuteron photodisintegration reactionPhys. Rev.. 042201.
2001 DVCS amplitude at tree level: Transversality, twist -three, and factorizationPhys. Rev.. 114012.
2001 Kinematical twist - three effects in DVCS as a quarkspin rotationPhys. Rev.. 097504.
2000 DVCS amplitude with kinematical twist - three termsPhys. Lett.. 332-340.
2000 Evolution and models for skewed parton distributionsPhys. Rev.. 074027.
2000 Form-factors and QCD in space - like and time - likeregionPhys. Rev.. 113001.
2000 Generalized parton distributionsNucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.. 113-116.
2000 Skewed parton distributionsNucl. Phys.. 225-233.
1999 Double distributions and evolution equationsPhys. Rev.. 014030.
1999 Hard exclusive electroproduction of pionsEur. Phys. J.. 307-312.
1999 QCD sum rules and soft - hard interplay for hadronicform-factorsFew Body Syst. Suppl.. 57-65.
1999 Skewed parton distributionsActa Phys. Polon.. 3647-3678.
1999 Sudakov suppression in the soft heavy to light mesontransition form-factorPhys. Rev.. 034017.
1999 Symmetries and structure of skewed and doubledistributionsPhys. Lett.. 81-88.
1998 Consistent analysis of O (alpha-s) corrections to pionelastic form-factorPhys. Rev.. 2813-2822.
1998 Nonforward parton densities and soft mechanism forform-factors and wide angle Compton scattering in QCDPhys. Rev.. 114008.
1997 Asymmetric parton distributions
1997 Deeply virtual Compton scattering: Facing nonforwarddistributions
1997 Interaction of small size wave packet with hadrontargetPhys. Rev.. 98-104.
1997 Light ray evolution equations and leading twist partonhelicity dependent nonforward distributionsPhys. Lett.. 114-121.
1997 Nonforward parton distributionsPhys. Rev.. 5524-5557.
1997 QCD sum rule calculation of gamma gamma* –> pi0transition form-factorNucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.. 327-332.
1997 Transverse momentum and Sudakov effects in exclusive QCDprocesses: Gamma* gamma pi0 form-factorPhys. Rev.. 2713-2735.
1996 Asymmetric gluon distributions and hard diffractiveelectroproductionPhys. Lett.. 333-342.
1996 Optimized - Parametrization for the QCDRunning Coupling Constant in Space - Like and Time - LikeRegions!!!JINR Rapid Commun.. 96-99.
1996 QCD sum rule calculation of gamma gamma* to pi0transition form-factorPhys. Lett.. 173-180.
1996 Scaling limit of deeply virtual Compton scatteringPhys. Lett.. 417-425.
1996 Soft contribution to form-factors of gamma* p –> delta+transitionPhys. Rev.. 6509-6521.
1996 Transition form-factor gamma gamma* —> pi0 and QCD sumrulesNucl. Phys.. 625-680.
1995 Form-factor of the process gamma* gamma* —> pi0 forsmall virtuality of one of the photons and QCD sum rules.2. Sum rulePhys. Atom. Nucl.. 1356-1369.
1995 Quark - hadron duality and gamma* p —> Deltaform-factorsPhys. Lett.. 194-200.
1995 Quark - hadron duality and intrinsic transversemomentumActa Phys. Polon.. 2067-2096.
1994 Nonperturbative QCD and elastic processes at CEBAFenergies
1993 QCD sum rules and Compton scatteringNucl. Phys.. 481-506.
1993 Qualitative and quantitative aspects of the QCD theoryof elastic form-factors
1993 The Form-factor of the process gamma* gamma* —> pi0for small virtuality of one of the photons and QCD sumrules. 1: The Structure of the infrared singularitiesPhys. Atom. Nucl.. 630-639.
1992 Infrared factorization, Wilson lines and the heavy quarklimitPhys. Lett.. 359-366.
1992 QCD sum rule approach to decays of mesons containing oneheavy quarkAIP Conf. Proc.. 688-690.
1992 The Pion wave function and QCD sum rules with nonlocalcondensatesPhys. Rev.. 1754-1759.
1991 Exclusive processes in perturbative QCDNucl. Phys.. 153C-163C.
1991 Hadronic form-factors: Perturbative QCD versus QCD sumrulesNucl. Phys.. 141-154.
1991 Nonlocal condensates and QCD sum rules for the pionform-factorPhys. Lett.. 223-230.
1991 QCD sum rule calculation of the Isgur-Wise form-factorPhys. Lett.. 218-222.
1990 The Process ?* ?* ?0 and Nonlocality of CondensatesSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 697-703.
1989 Asymptotic Behavior of the Pion Form-factor in QCD.(In Russian)Fiz. Elem. Chast. Atom. Yadra. 97-154.
1989 Quark Condensate Nonlocality and Pion Wave Function inQCD: General FormalismSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 494.
1988 Kaon Form-factor for Small Q2. (In Russian)Int. J. Mod. Phys.. 1183-1197.
1988 Nonlocality of quark condensates and pion wave functioning QCD: Model considerationYadernaya Fiz..
1987 Borelized sum rules for the radiative decays of charmonium in QCDSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 342.
1987 Form-Factors of oscillator states from QCD sum rules
1987 Infrared Asymptotics of Perturbative QCD. Quark andGluon PropagatorsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 127.
1987 Infrared Asymptotics of Perturbative QCD. VertexFunctionsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 910.
1987 Renormalization of the Wilson Loops Beyond the LeadingOrderNucl. Phys.. 342-364.
1986 Evolution Kernel for the Pion Wave Function: Two LoopCalculation in Scalar ?3 in Six-dimensions ModelTheor. Math. Phys.. 999.
1986 Infrared Asymptotics of Perturbative QCD: ContourGaugesYad. Fiz.. 230-240.
1986 Infrared asymptotics of perturbative QCD: Renormalization properties of the Wilson loops in higher orders of Pertubation TheorySov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 877.
1986 Loop Space Formalism and Renormalization Group for theInfrared Asymptotics of QCDPhys. Lett.. 459-467.
1986 Nonlocal Condensates and QCD Sum Rules for Pion WaveFunctionJETP Lett.. 712.
1986 Structure of Two Loop Evolution Kernels and Evolution ofthe Pion Wave Function in ?3 in Six-dimensions and QCDNucl. Phys.. 297-319.
1986 Total ?- s Corrections to Processes ?*?* ?0 and ?* ?? in aPerturbative QCDYad. Fiz.. 507-516.
1985 Alpha representation and spectral properties of multiparton functionsTheor. Math. Phys.. 1144.
1985 Evolution Kernels in QCD: Two Loop Calculation inFeynman GaugeNucl. Phys.. 89-126.
1985 One Loop Corrections to Pion Form-factor in QCD in aLightlike GaugeSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 289.
1985 One loop corrections to pion form-factor in QCD pseudoscalar contributionYadernaya Fiz..
1985 Quantum Chromodynamic Sum Rules and J/??_c? DecayNucl. Phys.. 61-78.
1984 One loop corrections to pion form-factor in QCD Basicintegral calculations
1984 One loop corrections to pion form-factor in QCD algorithm and algebraic transformations
1984 QCD Sum Rule Analysis of J/??_c ?DecaySov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 800.
1984 QCD Sum Rule Analysis of the Pion Form-factor Behaviorin Small Q2 RegionJETP Lett.. 707.
1984 Quantum chromodynamics today. (in Russian)
1984 Quark - Hadron Duality and Nucleon Form-factors inQCDSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 811.
1984 Sum rules and exclusive processes in QCDActa Phys. Polon.. 403-417.
1984 Two loop contribution to the evolution of the pion wavefunctionPhys. Lett.. 359-362.
1984 Vacuum corrections to QCD charmonium sum rulesSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 91.
1983 Analysis of the hard inclusive processes in quantumchromodynamics. (in Russian)Fiz. Elem. Chast. Atom. Yadra. 58-122.
1983 Comparison of the QCD Sum Rule Approach and Perturbative QCD Analysis for ?* ?* ?0 ProcessSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 284.
1983 Evolution kernel for the pion wave function: Two loopcalculation in Feynman Gauge
1983 Large power corrections to QCD charmonium sum rulesJETP Lett.. 526.
1983 Local Quark - Hadron Duality and Nucleon Form-factors inQCDPhys. Lett.. 439-444.
1983 On Spectral Properties of Parton Correlation Functionsand Multiparton Wave FunctionsPhys. Lett.. 179-182.
1983 Pion Form-factor in a Scalar ModelNuovo Cim.. 122.
1983 QCD charmonium sum rules up to O (G**4) order. (in Russian)Phys. Lett.. 243-246.
1983 Vacuum Corrections to QCD Charmonium Sum Rules: Basic Formalism and O (G3) ResultsNucl. Phys.. 285-304.
1982 Method for Computing Higher Gluonic Power Corrections toQCD Charmonium Sum RulesPhys. Lett.. 476.
1982 Pion Form-factor and QCD Sum RulesJETP Lett.. 488-492.
1982 Sum Rules and Pion Form-Factor in QCDPhys. Lett.. 410.
1981 Field Theoretic Treatment of High Momentum TransferProcesses. 3. Gauge TheoriesTheor. Math. Phys.. 774.
1981 Field theory approach to processes with large momemtum transfer II. production of massive Lepton PairsTheor. Math. Phys.. 664-673.
1981 Radiative Corrections to the Pion Form-factor in QuantumChromodynamics. (In Russian)Sov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 293.
1980 Asymptotical Behavior of Pion ElectromagneticForm-Factor in QCDTheor. Math. Phys.. 97-110.
1980 Factorization and Asymptotical Behavior of PionForm-Factor in QCDPhys. Lett.. 245-250.
1980 Field Theoretic Treatment of High Momentum TransferProcesses. 1. Deep Inelastic ScatteringTheor. Math. Phys.. 573-584.
1980 Hard processes. parton model and QCDRiv. Nuovo Cim.. 1-87.
1980 Pion Form-factor in QCDSubmitted to: Phys. Lett. B.
1979 Factprozatopm and pion form-factor in QCD
1977 Asymptotics of Pion Electromagnetic Form-Factor in ScaleInvariant Quark ModelTeor. Mat. Fiz.. 168-182.
1977 Deep Elastic Processes of Composite Particles in FieldTheory and Asymptotic FreedomSubmitted to: Phys. Lett..
1977 Light Cone Expansions and Parton ModelLett. Nuovo Cim.. 83.
1977 Massive Lepton Pair Production and Asymptotically FreeGauge TheoriesPhys. Lett.. 245.
1976 Interacting PartonsPhys. Lett.. 449.
1976 Nonelastic Scattering on a Compound Particle in theScale Invariant Quark ModelIzv. Vuz. Fiz.. 59-66.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2015 Proceedings, QCD Evolution Workshop (QCD 2014)
2014 Proceedings, QCD Evolution Workshop
2011 Proceedings, 4th Workshop on Exclusive Reactions at HighMomentum Transfer
2011 Proceedings, QCD Evolution Workshop on From Collinear toNon-Collinear Case
2009 "Perturbative QCD of hard and soft processes" Proceedings of International workshop "Recent Advances in Perturbative QCD and Hodronic Physics.  2803-2824.
2009 Recent advances in perturbative QCD and hadronic physics.  2797-3061.
2008 Exclusive reactions at high momentum transfer.  438.
2006 Counting rules, holographic wave functions, meromorphization and quark-hadon duality, May 11-14, 2006.  390-396.
2006 Counting rules, holographic wave functions,meromorphization and quark-hadron duality.  390-396.
2004 Advances in generalized parton distribution study.  3-14.
2002 Exclusive processes at high momentum transfer.  401.
2002 Spontaneously broken chiral symmetry and hard QCDphenomena
2001 QCD calculations of pion electromagnetic and transitionform-factors.  309-311.
2000 Deeply virtual photon and meson electroproduction.  394-402.
2000 Exclusive and semi-exclusive processes at high momentumtransfer.  343.
2000 Key issues in hadronic physics
2000 Report of the working group on Goldstone bosons.  253-267.
1998 Compton scattering and nonforward parton distributions
1998 Introduction into QCD sum rule approach
1997 Evolution equations for non-forward partondistributions.  186-195.
1997 QCD sum rules: Form-factors and wave functions.  382-391.
1997 The Asymptotics of the transition form-factor gammagamma* —> pi0 and QCD sum rules
1996 QCD sum rules and virtual Compton scattering
1995 Form-factor of the process gamma* gamma* —> pi0 forsmall virtuality of one of the photons and QCD sum rules.  250-255.
1995 gamma* p —> DELTA form-factors in QCD
1994 Pion wave function from QCD sum rules with nonlocalcondensates.  238-248.
1993 Perturbative quantum chromodynamics. (In Russian).  75-83.
1992 Once more on the applicability of perturbative QCD toelastic form-factors.  0366-375.
1985 Perturbative QCD.  35-77.
1984 Calculation of two loop nonforward anomalous dimensions in QCD.  180-189.
1984 Hadron form-factors in quantum chromodynamics: Factorization and QCD sum rule method (in Russian)
1984 The pion form-factor at low Q**2. (in Russian)
1982 Experimental status of QCD. (IN RUSSIAN).  406-455.
1982 Production of Lepton pairs and direct photons with largeq-transverse beyond leading order in QCD.  100-105.
1981 Exclusive processes and higher twist effects inperturbative QCD.  79-94.
1981 High-Energy processes in quantum chromodynamics. (talk, in Russian).  37-56.
1980 On Perturbative QCD of Hard and Soft Processes
1980 Pion Form-factor Beyond the Leading Order of Perturbative QCD.  116-121.
1979 Partons in quantum chromodynamics. Theory and experiment. (in Russian).  65-80.
1978 High momentum transfer processes in QCD
1976 Quantum Field Theory and Parton Model

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  • Ph.D. in Physics, Moscow State University 1978
  • M.S. in Physics, Moscow State University 1975
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  • Anatoly Radyushkin