Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 MNE performance during a crisis: An evolutionary perspective on the role of dynamic managerial capabilities and industry contextInternational Business Review. 1088-1099.
2017 borjo coffee house: Competing Successfully against StarbucksEntrepreneurship Theory and Practice. 861-875.
2016 An empirical assessment of the dynamic capabilities-performance relationshipJournal of Business Research. 2950-2956.
2016 Institutionalizing Entrepreneurial Expertise in Subsistence EconomiesJournal of World Business. 910-922.
2016 Institutionalizing Entrepreneurial Expertise in Subsistence MarketsJournal of World Business. 910-922.
2015 A review of Research on Innovation in IndiaAsia Pacific Journal of Management.
2015 Enterprise Risk Management: Review, Critique and Research DirectionsLong Range Planning. 265-276.
2015 Introduction to the Special Issue: Towards a theoretical understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in IndiaAsia Pacific Journal of Management.
2014 Enterprise Risk Management as a Dynamic CapabilityManagerial and Decision Economics. 555-566.
2014 Enterprise Risk Management as a Dynamic Capability: A test of its effectiveness during a crisisManagerial and Decision Economics. 555-566.
2014 Women in Upper Echelons of Management, Tenure and Legal RiskBritish Journal of Management. 388-405.
2012 A Study of Competitive Dynamics between Coke and PepsiJournal of Business Research. 355-361.
2011 Does ERM Increase Firm Value.Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance. 641-658.
2011 Does Enterprise Risk Management Increase Firm Value?Journal of Accountng, Auditing, and Finance. 641-658.
2011 Rating of emotional risk management strategies and their degree of implementationJournal of Accounting and Finance. 641-65.
2010 Market Orientation and Export Performance in Thailand: A Moderating Effect of International Marketing StrategyJournal of Marketing Theory and Practice. 155-170.
2010 The Effect of Product Adaptation and Market Orientation on Export Performance: A Survey of Thai ManagerJournal of Marketing Theory and Practice. 155-169.
2009 Asian Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance: An International Review. 407-410.
2008 Balancing Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian Contradictions Within OrganizationsJournal of Management Inquiry. 306-317.
2007 A comparative study of the Economic Reforms in China and India: What can we learn?Global Economic Review. 147-166.
2007 Localized Advantage in a Global Economy: Revisiting Porter’s Diamond Framework – The Case of Bangalore.  591-618.
2007 War and Peace? A Game Theoretic Study of Competitive Interaction Between Coke and Pepsi
2006 China: Competitive Myths And RealitiesSAM Advanced Management Journal.
2003 Cointegration of Firm Strategies Within Groups: A Long-Run Analysis of Firm Behavior in the Japanese Steel IndustryStrategic Management Journal. 145-159.

Education And Training

  • Ph.D. in Management, Stern School of Business, New York University 1998
  • M. Tech, I. I. T 1987
  • B.Tech, N.I.T 1985
  • Full Name

  • Anil Nair