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2018 Current-driven production of vortex-antivortex pairs in planar Josephson junction arrays and phase cracks in long-range orderNature Scientific Reports. 15460.
2018 Evidence for preferential flux flow at the grain boundaries of superconducting RF-quality niobiumSuperconductor Science and Technology.
2018 Tuning vortex fluctuations and the resistive transition in superconducting films with a thin overayerPhysical Review B. 024506.
2017 Dynamic transition of vortices into phase slips and generation of vortex-antivortex pairs in thin film Josephson junctions under dc and ac currentsPhysical Review B. 214507.
2017 Imaging of super-fast dynamics and flow instabilities of superconducting vorticesNature communications. 85.
2017 Surface impedance and optimum surface resistance of a superconductor with an imperfect surfacePhysical Review B. 17.
2017 Theory of RF superconductivity for resonant cavitiesSuperconductor Science and Technology. 034004(25p).
2016 Anisotropic thermodynamic and transport properties of single crystalline CaKFe4As4Physical Review B. 064501.
2015 Anisotropy reversal of the upper critical field at low temperatures and spin-locked superconductivity in K2Cr3As3Physical Review B. 220505(R).
2015 Current-induced depairing in the Bi2Te3/FeTe interfacial superconductorPhysical Review B. 094502.
2015 Fragmentation of fast Josephson vortices and breakdown of ordered states by moving topological defectsNature Scientific Reports. 17821.
2015 Maximum screening fields of superconducting multilayer structuresAIP Advances. 017112.
2015 Probing dynamics and pinning of single vortices in superconductors at nanometer scalesNature Scientific Reports. 7598.
2014 Challenges and opportunities of applications of unconventional superconductorsAnnual Reviews of Condensed Matter Physics. 35-56.
2014 Decrease of the surface resistance in superconducting niobium resonator cavities by the microwave fieldApplied Physics Letters.
2014 Nonlinear dynamics of Josephson vortices in film screen under dc and ac magnetic fieldsPhysica C. 59-68.
2014 Reduction of dissipative nonlinear conductivity of superconductors by static and microwave magnetic fieldsPhysical Review Letters. 087001.
2014 Roles of intrinsic anisotropies and the pi band pairbreaking effect on the critical currents in tilted c-Axis MgB2 films probed by magneto-optical and transport measurementsPhysical Review B. 214509.
2013 Effect of vortex hotspots on the radio-frequency surface resistance of superconductorsPhysical Review B.
2013 Imaging of the Surface Resistance of an SRF Cavity by Low-Temperature Laser Scanning MicroscopyIEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond.. 3500506.
2012 Comment on “Vortex-assisted photon counts and their magnetic field dependence in single-photon superconducting detectorsPhysical Review B.
2012 Effect of impurities on the superheating field of type-II superconductorsPhysical Review B. 054513.
2012 Superconducting radio-frequency fundamentals for particle acceleratorsReview of Accelerator Science and Technology.. 119-146.
2012 Thermally activated dynamics of spontaneous perpendicular vortices tuned by parallel magnetic fields in thin superconducting filmsPhysical Review B. 024521.
2011 Anisotropic upper critical field and a possible Fulde-Ferrel-Larkin-Ovchinnikov state in a stoichiometric pnictide superconductor LiFeAsPhysical Review B.
2011 Anisotropy of the irreversibility field for rare-earth-doped YBa?Cu?O?-x thin filmsPhysical Review B.
2011 Disorder-dependent superconducting phase diagram at high magnetic fields in Fe?+ySexTe?-x, x ? 0.4Physical Review B.
2011 High field properties of pure and doped MgB? and Fe-based superconductorsMRS Bulletin. 626-630.
2011 High-field properties of carbon-doped MgB2 thin films by hybrid physical–chemical vapor deposition using different carbon sourcesSuperconductor Science and Technology.
2011 Iron-based superconductors at high magnetic fieldsReports on Progress in Physics. 124501-12520.
2011 Multi-band superconductivity in LaFeAsO?.?F?.?? single crystals probed by high-field vortex torque magnetometryPhysical Review B.
2011 Significant enhancement of upper critical fields by doping and strain in Fe-based superconductorsPhysical Review B.
2011 The behavior of grain boundaries in the Fe-based superconductorsReports on Progress in Physics.
2011 To use or not to use cool superconductors?Nature Materials. 255-259.
2010 Helical instability of charged vortices in layered superconductorsPhysical Rev. B.
2010 Measurements of the nonlinear Meissner effect in superconducting Nb films using resonant microwave cavity: A probe of unconventional order parameterPhysical Rev. B.
2010 New Fe-based superconductors: properties relevant for applications.Superconductor Science and Technology.
2010 Strong vortex pinning in Co-doped BaFe?As? single crystal thin filmsApplied Physics Letters.
2010 Suppression of the critical temperature in NdFeAs(OF)single crystal by Kondo-like scattering induced by irradiationPhysical Review Letters.
2010 Upper critical field and the Fulde-Ferrel-Larkin-Ovchinnikov transition in multiband superconductorsPhysical Rev. B.
2009 Granularity correlated dissipation in superconducting Niobium Nitride nanowires.Physical Rev. B.
2009 High-field phase-diagram of Fe arsenide superconductorsPhysica C. 566-574.
2009 Intergrain current flow in a randomly oriented polycrystalline SmFeAsO?:85 oxypnictideApplied Physics Letters.
2009 Magnetic ordering of Re lattice in ReFeAsO: the odd case of Sm. A specific heat investigation in high magneticfieldsPhysical Rev. B.
2009 Weak link behavior of grain boundaries in Co-dopedBaFe?As? pnictide superconductorsApplied Physics Letters.
2008 Comparative high field magneto-transport of rare earth oxypnictides with maximum transition temperaturesPhysical Review B. 064511.
2008 Dynamics of vortex penetration, jumpwise instabilities, and nonlinear surface resistance of type-II superconductors in high rf fieldsPhysical Review B. 104501.
2008 Evidence of high-field radio-frequency hot-spots due to trapped vortices in niobium cavitiesPhysical Review ST-AB. 122001.
2008 Significant reduction of ac losses in YBCO patterned coated conductors with transposed filamentsSuperconductor Science and Technology. 082004.
2008 Size effects in the nonlinear resistance and flux creep in a virtual Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless state of superconducting filmsPhysical Review Letters. 227007.
2008 Superconductivity and antiferromagnetic ordering in the high-field paramagnetic oxypnictide NdFeAsO0.94F0.06Physical Review B. 184501.
2008 Two-band superconductivity in LaFeAs0.87F0.11 at very high magnetic fieldsNature. 903-905.
2008 Upper critical fields and thermally-activated transport of NdO0.7F0.3FeAs single crystalPhysical Review B. 174523.
2007 Limits of upper critical field in dirty two-gap superconductorsPhysica C. 160-169.
2007 Measurements of high-field Q drop in high purity large-grain niobium cavity for different oxidation processesPhysical Review ST-AB. 062002.
2007 Mechanisms for enhanced supercurrent across meandered grain boundaries in high-temperature superconductorsJournal of Applied Physics. 083912.
2007 On the through-thickness critical current density of an YBa2Cu3O7-x film containing a high density of Insiulating, vortex pinning nanoprecipitatesApplied Physics Letters. 252502.
2007 Pinning size effects in critical currents of superconducting filmsSuperconductor Science and Technology. S 128-135.
2006 Enhancement of rf breakdown field of superconductors by multilayer coatingApplied Physics Letters. 012511.
2006 Multiscale mechanisms of SRF breakdownPhysica C. 160-169.
2006 Phase textures induced by dc current pair breaking in weakly coupled multilayer structures and two-gap superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 137003.
2005 Dendritic flux avalanches and nonlocal electrodynamics in thin superconducting filmsPhysical Review Letters. 037002.
2005 Electromagnetic, atomic-structure and chemistry changes induced by Ca-doping of low-angle YBCO grain boundariesNature Materials. 470-475.
2005 High-field superconductivity in alloyed MgB2 filmsPhysical Review B. 012504.
2005 Temperature and field dependence of the flux-line lattice symmetry in V3SiPhysical Review B. R 060504.
2004 Scanning laser imaging of dissipation in YBa2Cu3O7 coated conductorsApplied Physics Letters. 2568-2570.
2004 Thermally-activated current transport in MgB2 filmsPhysical Review B. 0645031.
2004 Very high upper critical field in the two-gap superconductor MgB2 produced by selective tuning of impurity scatteringSuperconductor Science and Technology. 278-286.
2003 Enhancement of the upper critical field by nonmagnetic impurities in dirty two-gap superconductorsPhysical Review B. 184515.
2003 Interband phase modes and nonequilibrium soliton structures in two-gap superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 047004.
2002 Flux flow of Abrikosov-Josephson vortices along grain boundaries in high-temperature superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 097001.
2002 Nonlinear dynamics of vortices in easy flow channels along grain boundaries in superconductorsPhysical Review B. 214531.
2001 Effect of fluctuations on vortex lattice structural transitions in superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 177009.
2001 High-Tc superconducting materials for electric power applicationsNature. 368-377.
2001 Nonlinear current flow in superconductors with restricted geometriesPhysical Review B. 064521.
2001 Strongly linked current flow in polycrystalline forms of the new superconductor MgB2Nature. 186-189.
2001 Thermal instability near planar defects in superconductorsApplied Physics Letters. 1891.
2001 Thin film magnesium boride superconductor with very high critical current density and enhanced irreversibility fieldNature. 558-560.
2001 Vortex avalanches and magnetic flux fragmentation in superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 067003.
2000 Improved strong magnetic field performance of low angle grain boundaries of Calcium and Oxygen overdoped YBa2Cu3OxApplied Physics Letters. 3251.
2000 Nonlinear transport current flow in superconductors with planar obstaclesPhysical Review B. 4004.
1999 Charge effects and Josephson plasma resonance on planar defects in high-temperature superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 183-186.
1999 Nonlinear electrodynamics of randomly inhomogeneous superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 3037-3040.
1998 Current transport through low-angle grain boundaries in high-temperature superconductorsPhysical Review B. 13878.
1998 Large enhancement of the critical current due to vortex matching at periodic facet structure in YBa2Cu3O7 bicrystalsPhysical Review B. 10951.
1998 Nonlinear current flow around defects in superconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 2546-2549.
1997 AC response of thin superconductors in the flux-creep regimePhysical Review B. 12706.
1997 Enhancement of superconductivity at structural defects in high-temperature superconductorsPhysical Review B. 6213.
1997 Reconstruction of current flow patterns and imaging of current-limiting defects in superconducting filmsScience. 367.
1996 Dynamic matching of vortex lattice in superconducting multilayersPhysical Review Letters. 4078-4081.
1996 High current densities in Nb47%Ti multilayers with planar copper flux pinning nanostructureApplied Physics Letters. 1567-1569.
1996 Linear ac response of superconductors during flux creepPhysical Review Letters. 1723-1726.
1996 Nonlocal electrodynamics and low temperature magnetization of clean high-kappa superconductorsPhysical Review B. 12386.
1996 Study of flux penetration across [001] grain boundaries in YBa2Cu3O7 thin film bicrystalsPhysical Review B. 8687.
1996 Vortices at planar defects in layered superconductorsPhysical Review B. 13196.
1995 Nonlinear dynamics of vortices in high-jc Josephson contactsPhysica C. 191-196.
1995 Suppression of magnetic granularity by current in a Bi1.8Pb0.4Sr2Ca2Cu3O8+x tapeApplied Physics Letters. 2720-2722.
1994 Anisotropic flux pinning in a network of planar defectsPhysical Review B. 13563.
1994 Flux creep in superconducting films: an exact solutionPhysical Review Letters. 178-181.
1994 Static and dynamic mechanisms of anomalous field dependence of magnetization in high-Tc superconductorsPhysical Review B. R 16774.
1993 Flux pinning, granularity and the irreversibility line in HgBa2CuO4+xNature. 129-131.
1993 Nonlinear viscous motion of vortices in Josephson contactsPhysical Review B. 12857.
1993 Time scales of the flux creep in superconductorsPhysical Review B. 6477.
1992 Electromagnetic instabilities and current structures in anisotropic superconductorsPhysical Review B. 3638.
1992 Magnetic properties of superconducting Rb3C60Europhysics Letters. 175.
1992 Nonlocal Josephson electrodynamics and pinning in superconductorsPhysical Review B. R 3187.
1991 Percolation and flux creep in high-Tc superconductorsEurophysics Letters. 789-794.
1991 Transient regimes of flux creep in high-Tc superconductorsPhysical Review B. 12090 (R).
1990 Distribution of pinning energies and the resistive transition in superconducting filmsPhysical Review B. R 4857.
1990 Fragmentation of Magnetic Flux in Anisotropic SuperconductorsPhysical Review Letters. 3197-3140.
1987 Self-heating in normal metals and superconductorsReviews of Modern Physics. 941-999.


Year Title
1997 The Physics of Composite Superconductors.  New York: Begell House.

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