Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2013 Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringGaseous Dielectrics VI. 201.
2012 Before a radially confined plasma column is formed on the discharge axis, thePhysics and Applications of Pseudosparks. 293.
1994 Model of ablation flow near light-atom pellets with surface boundary conditionsNuclear Fusion. 417.
1991 Mode Transitions in Hollow-Cathode DishargesGaseous Dielectrics VI. 201-208.
1991 Modeling of the interactions of alpha particles with the ablation cloud of a low-Z pellet for alpha diagnosticsINIS.
1990 Application of the results of carbon pellet modeling to the problem of plasma penetrationReview of scientific instruments. 3140-3142.


Year Title
1991 A self-consistent model for carbon pellet-plasma interaction1991 International Sherwood fusion theory conference.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1991 The modeling of the interactions of pellets with magnetic fusion plasmas for alpha particle diagnostics.  195-195.