Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2015 Tokamak Scenario Trajectory Optimization Using Fast Integrated SimulationsBulletin of the American Physical Society.
2012 An analysis of lower hybrid grill coupling using an efficient full wave codeNuclear Fusion. 083005.
2009 Modeling of Optimization and Control of EBW Heating and Current DriveBulletin of the American Physical Society.
2004 Influence of antenna aiming on ECE in MASTReview of scientific instruments, AIP. 3804-3806.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2009 Coupled Ray-tracing and Fokker-Planck EBW Modeling for Spherical Tokamaks.  465-468.
2008 EBW Power Deposition and Fisch-Boozer Current Drive in the WEGA Stellarator.  6083P.
2005 Simulation of ECE frequency spectra for NSTX and comparison with new radiometer results.  1038P.