Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 A 9-bit multiple relaxation Lattice Boltzmann magnetohydrodynamic algorithm for 2D turbulenceComputers & Mathematics with Applications !!!. 394-403.
2016 Benchmarking the Dirac-generated unitary lattice qubit collision-stream algorithm for 1D vector Manakov soliton collisionsComputers & Mathematics with Applications !!!. 386-393.
2016 Imaginary time integration method using a quantum lattice gas approachRadiation Effects and Defects in Solids. 96-102.
2015 Lattice Boltzmann LES for MHD TurbulenceBulletin of the American Physical Society.
2015 Magnetic field stabilization of a two-dimensional fluid jet: a multiple relaxation Lattice Boltzmann simulationRadiation Effects and Defects in Solids. 1-10.
2015 Tokamak Scenario Trajectory Optimization Using Fast Integrated SimulationsBulletin of the American Physical Society.
2015 Unitary quantum lattice gas algorithm generated from the Dirac collision operator for 1D soliton–soliton collisionsRadiation Effects and Defects in Solids. 55-64.
2013 Lattice Boltzmann algorithms for plasma physicsRadiation Effects and Defects in Solids. 735-758.
2012 An analysis of lower hybrid grill coupling using an efficient full wave codeNuclear Fusion. 083005.
2012 Unitary qubit lattice simulations of complex vortex structuresComputational Science & Discovery. 014013.
2011 A unitary quantum lattice gas algorithm for two dimensional quantum turbulencePhysical Review.
2011 Qubit Lattice (QLG) Simulations for a T> 0 SuperfluidUsers’ Group Conference. 95.
2010 Poincare recurrence and intermittent destruction of the quantum Kelvin wave cascade in quantum turbulenceSPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing. 770207.
2010 Poincare recurrence and intermittent loss of quantum Kelvin wave cascades in quantum turbulencearXiv preprint arXiv:1011.6334.
2010 Yepez et al. ReplyPhysical Review Letters.
2009 Modeling of Optimization and Control of EBW Heating and Current DriveBulletin of the American Physical Society.
2009 Quantum algorithm for Bose-Einstein condensate quantum fluid dynamicsSPIE Quantum Information and Computation VII. 10.
2009 Superfluid turbulence from quantum kelvin wave to classical kolmogorov cascadesPhysical Review Letters. 084501.
2007 Performance of Lattice Boltzmann Codes for Navier-Stokes and MHD Turbulence on High-End Computer Architectures
2005 Non-Uniform Grid Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of 1-D Dissipative MHDInderscience Enterprises Ltd. 37-49.
2004 Inelastic vector soliton collisions: a lattice-based quantum representationPHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS-ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON SERIES A MATHEMATICAL PHYSICAL AND ENGINEERING SCIENCES. 1677-1690.
2004 Influence of antenna aiming on ECE in MASTReview of scientific instruments, AIP. 3804-3806.
2004 Non-uniform grid Lattice Boltzmann simulations of 1-D dissipative magnetohydrodynamicsProgress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, an International Journal. 37-49.
2003 Lattice Boltzmann and quantum lattice gas representations of one-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic turbulenceElsevier. 227-234.
2003 Quantum lattice gas representation of some classical solitonsPhysics Letters A. 187-196.
2000 " Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Science, Praha 8, Czech RepublicParallel Computational Fluid Dynamics’ 99: Towards Teraflops, Optimization and Novel Formulations. 423.
2000 Evolution of a neutral-ion 2 fluid system using thermal lattice Boltzmann modelSpringer-Verlag. 47-50.
2000 Thermal lattice Boltzmann simulation for multispecies fluid equilibrationPhysical Review E. 507.
1998 Thermal lattice-Boltzmann models (TLBM) for compressible flowsInternational Journal of Modern Physics C. 1247-1261.
1997 K–[epsi] compressible 3D neutral fluid turbulence modelling of the effect of toroidal cavities on flame-front propagation in the gas-blanket regime for tokamak divertorsJournal of plasma physics. 155-173.
1995 Effects of large aspect ratios and fluctuations on hard x?ray detection in lower hybrid driven divertor tokamaksReview of scientific instruments. 838-840.
1992 Detection of Internal Magnetic Fluctuations by Electromagnetic Scattering in TokamaksRadio Frequency Power in Plasmas. 389-393.
1992 Effect of fluctuations on lower hybrid power deposition and hard x?ray detectionReview of scientific instruments. 4682-4684.
1991 Filamentation in High-beta Plasmas and Flux Penetration in Type II SuperconductorsPhysics Essays. 223.
1990 Measurement of magnetic fluctuations by O? X mode conversionAIP. 3022-3024.
1977 Wall stabilization in a collisionless bumpy theta-pinchJournal of plasma physics. 317-337.
1974 Comments on “Fluctuations in guiding center plasma in two dimensions”Physics of Fluids (1958-1988). 2298-2298.
The Lattice Boltzmann Representation for Plasma Physics

Conference Papers

Year Title
2011 Unitary Qubit Lattice Simulations of Multiscale Phenomena in quantum Turbulence.  1-11.
2009 Lattice Boltzmann representations for MHD Turbulence.  1066.
2009 Quantum Lattice-Gas Algorithm for Quantum Turbulence-CAP Simulations on 12,288 Cores of Cray XT-5 Einstein at NAVO.  106-113.
2009 Twisting of filamentary vortex solitons demarcated by fast Poincaré recursion.  12.
2009 Unitary qubit lattice simulations of multiscale phenomena in quantum turbulence.  24.
2008 EBW Power Deposition and Fisch-Boozer Current Drive in the WEGA Stellarator.  6083P.
2007 Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Algorithms for Turbulence.  8007P.
2006 Entropic lattice boltzmann simulations of turbulence.  1129P.
2006 Low-order qubit representation for two coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC).  624405.
2005 3D entropic lattice Boltzmann simulations of 3D Navier-Stokes turbulence.  1091P.
2005 Simulation of ECE frequency spectra for NSTX and comparison with new radiometer results.  1038P.
2005 Unconditionally Stable Explicit Quantum Lattice Representation of 1D MHD Turbulence, with Arbitrary Transport Coefficients.  1090P.
2004 Quantum lattice representation of dark solitons.  376-385.
2003 Multigird Lattice Boltzmann Approach to 1D MHD Turbulence.  1043P.
2003 Non-Uniform Spatial Grids in Lattice Boltzmann MHD Algorithms.  1107P.
2003 Quantum lattice gas representation for vector solitons.  273-281.
2003 Theory of EBW-XO with Comparison to ECE data in MAST.  1053P.
2002 Ebw-X and Ece in Mast.  1107P.
2002 Lattice Botlzmann Solution to the 1D MHD-Burgers Equation.  1051P.
2000 ECE and ECRH from OX-EBW Mode Conversion in Spherical Plasmas.  1159P.
1998 3D Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Models
1998 Development of Explicit Algebraic Models for Turbulent Heat Flux
1998 Multi-Species Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Models
1997 Neutral Turbulence Effects on Heat Loads in the Gas Blanket Regime
1997 Quasi-Optical Grills: design of LH launchers for Ignitor and TdeV
1996 Full 3D Neutral Turbulence Simulations for the Propagation of a Heat Front in Divertor Geometry with Toroidal Cavities-the Initial Value Problem
1996 Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Neutral Fluids
1994 Lower-hybrid current drive, hard X-ray emission, and fluctuations.  230-233.