Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2015 Political Response to Climate Change in the USA and CanadaRoutledge, Europa Regional Surveys Series.
2014 Political Response to Climate Change in the USA and CanadaRoutledge, Europa Regional Surveys Series.
2005 The ‘Greenless Response’ to Global WarmingCurrent History. 438-443.
2000 Party Promises and Presidential Performance: Social Policies of the Modern Presidents, FDR-ClintonSoutheastern Political Review. 111-130.
1994 Communication, Information, and Professional Behavior: Perceptions of Broadcasters Performance and Televised Coverage of Public AffairsVirginia Social Science Journal. 31-44.
1994 Rejoinder to John Passe-Smith's Critique of >Trade Politics and the Fast Track: Impact on Congressional-Presidential RelationsAmerican Review of Politics. 99-103.
1993 Perceptions of Free Press-Privacy-Fair Trial Rights: Comparing Attorneys, Judges, and Media Representatives in Iowa and IndianaIndiana Journal of Political Science. 146-155.


Year Title
2013 U.S. Politics and Climate Change: Science Confronts Policy
2010 White House Politics and the Environment: FDR to George W. Bus
2002 American Politics and the Environment


Year Title
2016 The Imperial Presidency RevisitedVol. III: Foreign Politics and Policy Making in the George W Bush Presidency. Nova Publishers.
2013 Political Response to Climate Change in the USA and Canada2014 Edition of "The USA and Canada". Routledge, Europa Regional Surveys Series.
2012 Environmental Policy and Global Climate ChangeThe Obama Presidency: A Preliminary Assessment. SUNY Press.
2011 Global Warming: Environmental Catastrophe or Scientific Hoax?Moral Controversies in American Politcs. M. E. Sharpe Publishers.
2004 An Early Assessment of President George W. Bush and the EnvironmentGeorge W. Bush: Evaluating the President at Midterm. SUNY Press.
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2003 Social Policy and White House Politics: An Examination of the Presidency from Franklin D. Roosevelt to George W. BushThe Presidency: Classic and Contemporary Readings. McGraw Hill.
1998 The Presidency and Social PolicyPresidential Frontiers: Underexplored Issues in White House Politics. Praeger Publishers.