Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Display of major risk categories for android apps.Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. 306-330.
2018 Flowers and spiders in spatial stimulus-response compatibility: does affective valence influence selection of task-sets or selection of responses?Cognition and Emotion. 1003.
2018 The description-experience gap in the effect of warning reliability on user trust and performance in a phishing detection contextInternational Journal of Human-Computer Studies. 35-47.
2017 Role of accentuation in the selection/rejection task framing effectJournal of Experimental Psychology: General. 543-568.
2017 Role of hand dominance in mapping preferences for emotional-valence words to keypress responsesActa Psychologica. 33-39.
2016 Exploring handedness asymmetries in the Simon effectAttention, Perception, & Psychophysics. 437-451.
2015 The role of human factors/ergonomics in the science of security: decision making and action selection in cyberspaceHuman factors. 721-727.
2015 Transfer of learning in choice reactions: The roles of stimulus type, response mode, and set-level compatibilityMemory & cognition. 825-836.
2014 Conceptual response distance and intervening keys distinguish action goals in the Stroop color-identification taskPsychonomic bulletin & review. 1238-1243.
2014 Correspondence effects with torches: Grasping affordance or visual feature asymmetry?The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. 665-675.
2013 Response–effect compatibility defines the natural scrolling directionHuman factors. 1112-1129.
2012 Dissociating influences of key and hand separation on the Stroop color-identification effectActa Psychologica. 39-47.
2012 Influence of category identity on letter matching: Conceptual penetration of visual processing or response competition?Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics. 1-14.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2017 Description-Experience Gap: The Role of Feedback and Description in Human Trust in Automation.  313-313.
2017 Use of Phishing Training to Improve Security Warning Compliance: Evidence from a Field Experiment.  52-61.
2016 Display of Major Risk Categories for Mobile Apps.  779-779.
2015 Dimensions of Risk in Mobile Applications: A User Study.  49-60.
2015 Effectiveness of a phishing warning in field settings.  14.
2012 Up or Down: Directional Stimulus-Response Compatibility and Natural Scrolling.  1381-1385.