Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2009 Moments of the spin structure functions gp? and g ? for 0.05 < Q² <3 .0 GeV²Phys. Lett. B. 12-16.
2008 Electroexcitation of the Roper resonance at 1.7Physical Review C.
2007 ?? photoproduction on the proton for photon energies from 0.675 to 2.875 GeVPhys Rev C. 025211.
2007 Quark-Hadron Duality in Spin Structure Functions g p1 and g d 1Phys. Rev. C.
2007 Q² dependence of the S??(1535) photocoupling and evidence for a P-wave resonance in ? electroproductionPhysical Review C.
2007 Separated Structure Functions for the Exclusive Electroproduction of K^+ ? and K+ ?^0 Final StatesPhys Rev C. 045203.
2006 ?? photoproduction on the photon for photon energies from 1.527 to 2.227 GeVPHys Rev Lett. 062001.
2006 Differential Cross Sections for ? + p ? K + Y for ? and ?? HyperonsPhys Rev C. 035202.
2006 Measurement of 2- and 3-Nucleon Short Range Correlation Probabilities in NucleiPHys Rev Lett. 082501.
2006 Measurement of the deuteron structure function F? in the resonance region and evaluation of its momentsPhys. Rev. C.
2006 Measurement of the x- and Q²- dependence of the spin asymmetry A? of the nucleonPhys Lett B.
2006 Single ?? electroproduction on the proton in the first and second resonance regions at 0.25 GeV² < Q² < 0.65 GeV²Phys Rev C. 025204.
2005 Measurement of the polarized structure function ?_{LT'} for pion electroproduction in the Roper-resonance regionPhysical Review C.
2005 Onset of Asymptotic Scaling in Deuteron PhotodisintegrationPhysical Review Letters. 012301.
2004 Two-Nucleon Momentum Distributions Measured in 3He(e,épp)nPHys Rev Lett. 052303.