Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 Dynamic control of particle separation in deterministic lateral displacement separator with viscoelastic fluidsScientific Reports. 1-9.
2017 A bead-based microfluidic system for joint detection in torch screening at point-of-care testingMicrosystem Technologies. 1-9.
2015 Toward Risk Reduction for Mobile Service CompositionIEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. 1807-1816.
2011 Entrepreneurial Orientation, Organizational Learning, and Performance: Evidence from ChinaEntrepreneurship Theory & Practice. 293-317.
2010 Knowledge Codification, Exploitation, and Innovation: Moderating Influence from Organizational Controls in Chinese FirmsManagement & Organization Review. 219-241.
2010 Structural features of a bituminous coal and their changes during low-temperature oxidation and loss of volatiles investigated by advanced solid-state NMR spectroscopyEnergy & Fuels. 2536-2544.
2007 Biologically inspired computational model for automatic target recognition.  7-10.
2006 The Formal Laplace-Borel Transform of Fliess Operators and the Composition ProductInternational Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. 1-14.
2005 Generating Series for Interconnected Analytic Nonlinear SystemsSIAM Journal on Control and Optimization. 646-672.
2003 Telomere length and the expression of natural telomeric genes in human fibroblasts.Human molecular genetics. 1329-36.
1999 Transcriptional regulation of the Bmp2 gene: Retinoic acid induction in F9 embryonal carcinoma cells and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.J. Biol. Chem.. 1394-1400.
1992 The C gamma subunit is a unique isozyme of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase.The Journal of biological chemistry. 25505-12.


Year Title
2007 A biologically inspired dynamic model for object recognitionNeurodynamics of Cognition and Consciousness. Springer.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2008 A Biologically-Inspired Computational Model for Transformation Invariant Target Recognition.  1050-1057.
2007 A Biologically Inspired Neural Network Model to Transformation Invariant Object Recognition.  66950O.
2006 A reinforcement learning approach in rotated image recognition and its convergence analysis
2005 Local Convergence of the Feedback Product via the Asymptotics of the Catalan Numbers.  6140-6145.
2005 On Feedback Connections of Analytic Nonlinear Systems and Combinatorics on Words.  429-434.
2004 The Formal Laplace-Borel Transform, Fliess Operators and the Composition Product.  333-337.
2003 A Self-adaptive Predictive Congestion Control Model for Extreme Networks.  327-332.
2002 Fliess Operators in Cascade and Feedback Systems.  173-178.
2002 Generating Series for Nonlinear Cascade and Feedback Systems.  2720-2725.
2002 Interconnected Systems of Fliess Operators