Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2011 Poincare recurrence and spectral cascades in three-dimensional quantum turbulencePhys. Rev.. 17 pages.
2010 Quantum Lattice-gas model of spinor superfluidsSPIE. 9.
2009 Entropic, LES and Boundary Conditions in Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of TurbulenceEur. Phys. J. Special Topics. 167-171.
2009 Superfluid Turbulence from Quantum Kelvin Wave to Classical Kolmogorov CascadePhys. Rev. Lett.. 084501.
2009 Vortex-antivortex Pair in a Bose-Einstein CondensateEur. Phys. J. Special Topics. 9-14.
2008 MHD Turbulence Studies using Lattice Boltzmann AlgorithmsComm. in Computat. Phys.. 624-646.
2007 Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Representations Required to Recover Navier-Stokes FlowsPhys. Rev..
2006 Quantum Lattice Representations for Vector Solitons in External PotentialsPhysica. 215-221.
2005 Lattice Quantum Algorithm for the Schrodinger Wave Equation in 2+1 Dimensions with a Demonstration by Modeling Soliton InstabilitiesSpringer Science. 457-469.
2004 Inelastic Vector Soliton Collisions: A Quantum Lattice Gas RepresentationPhil. Trans.. Roy Soc. London. 1677-1690.
2003 Quantum Lattice Gas Representation of Some Classical SolutionsElsevier. 187-196.


Year Title
2012 Unitary qubit lattice gas representation of 2D and 3D quantum turbulenceAdvanced Fluid Dynamics. In_Tech Publ..

Conference Papers

Year Title
2010 Unitary Quantum Lattice Gas Algorithms for Quantum to Classical Turbulence
2008 MHD Turbulence STudies using Lattice Boltzmann Algorithms- Physical Simulation sUsing 9000 Cores on the Air Force Research Laboratory HAWK Supercomputer.  138-142.
2008 MHD Turbulence Studies Using Lattice Boltzmann Methods – CAP Simulations using 9000 cores on the AFRL/Hawk Supercomputer.  138-142.
2008 Quantum Lattice Gas Algorithm for Quantum Turbulence and Vortex Reconnection in the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation.  69760U1-10.
2007 Lattice Boltzmann Algorithms for Fluid Turbulence.  52-56.
2007 Lattice Model of Fluid Turbulence.  13-19.
2006 Low-Order Qubit Representation for Two Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates.  6244-4.
2005 Performance of Lattice Boltzmann Codes for NAvier-Stokes and MHD Turbulence on the Major Computer Architectures
2005 Quantum Lattice Representation of 1D MHD turbulence with arbitrary Transport Coefficients.  227-235.
2004 Quantum Lattice Gas Representation of Dark Solitons.  376-385.
2004 Unconditionally Stable Explicit Difference Scheme for 1D MHD with arbitrary transport coefficients.  1005P.
2003 Quantum Lattice Gas Representation for Vector Solutions.  273-281.