Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2011 Characterization of gene electrodelivery to skin using a noninvasive multielectrode arrayJ Control Release. 256-262.
2010 Electrically mediated delivery of plasmid DNA to the skin using a multi-electrode arrayHum Gene Ther. 357-362.
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2010 Electroporation Mediated Delivery of a Naked DNA Plasmid Expressing VEGF to the Porcine Heart Enhances Protein ExpressionGene Ther. 419-423.
2010 Evaluation of delivery conditions for cutaneous plasmid electrotransfer using a multielectrode arrayGene Ther. 496-500.
2008 Comparison of electrically mediated and liposome-complexed plasmid DNA delivery to the skinGenet Vaccines Ther. 16.
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2007 Optimization of cutaneous electrically mediated plasmid DNA delivery using novel electrodeGene Therapy. 275-280.
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2002 IL-12 plasmid delivery by in vivo electroporation for the successful treatment of established subcutaneous B16.F10 melanomaMol Ther. 668-675.
2001 Intradermal delivery of IL-12 plasmid DNA by in vivo electroporationDNA and Cell Biol. 21-26.
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2000 In vivo electroporation of plasmids encoding GMCSF and interleukin-2 into existing B16 melanomas combined with electrochemotherapy induces long term antitumor immunityMelanoma Res. 577-583.