Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2010 Dealing with next generation infrastructures academic programs complexity induced resiliency assessment" International Journal for Experimental Design and Process Optimization. 347-362.
2009 Towards a leadership theory based on philosophical predispositionsInt J Knowl Cult Chang Manag. 85-98.
2009 University Management and Globalisation: An Examination of the Changing Dynamics in UK UniversitiesInternational Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management.
2005 Russian Far East War Game: The Praxis of a Business War Game to Detect Tensions in Knowledge Structure of Russia


Year Title
2014 Complexity Induced Vulnerability Assesment: How Resilient are Our Academic ProgramsInfranomics. Springer.

Conference Papers

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2008 R&D Governance: Structuring the R&D Enterprise