Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1980 Experimental Potentials for the X $$ and A $$ States of NaHe!!!Physical Review Letters. 1783-1786.
1979 Absorption and emission spectra of K atoms trapped in rare-gas matricesThe Journal of Chemical Physics. 2404-2408.
1978 Lifetime measurements of A 3$$1 vibrational levels of ICl!!!The Journal of Chemical Physics. 4754-4756.
1978 Lifetimes of IBr (B3$?$+ 0) by laser-excited time-resolved fluorescence!!!The Journal of Chemical Physics. 864-865.
1977 Direct measurements of excited-state lifetimes in Mg, Ca, and SrJOSA. 488-490.
1977 Measurement of the lowest S-state lifetime of Al, Ga, In, and TlJOSA. 491-493.
1976 Measurement of the ${$3$}$ P_ ${$1$}$ lifetime in Sr!!!Physical Review A. 1269.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1975 Measurement of P-3 (1) Lifetime in Atomic Strontium by Dye-Laser Excitation.  1448-1448.