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2018 A radial time projection chamber for $\alpha$ detection in CLAS at JLabNucl. Instrum. Meth.. 90-97.
2018 Differential cross section for $\gamma d \rightarrow \omega d$ using CLAS at Jefferson LabPhys. Lett.. 646-651.
2018 Exclusive photoproduction of $\pi^0$ up to large values of Mandelstam variables $s, t$ and $u$ with CLASPhys. Rev.. 015207.
2018 Hard exclusive pion electroproduction at backward angles with CLASPhys. Lett.. 340-345.
2018 High-performance DIRC detector for the future Electron Ion Collider experimentJINST. C04018.
2018 Measurement of the ${Q}^{2}$ Dependence of the Deuteron Spin Structure Function ${g}_{1}$ and its Moments at Low ${Q}^{2}$ with CLASPhys. Rev. Lett.. 062501.
2018 Probing high-momentum protons and neutrons in neutron-rich nucleiNature. 617-621.
2018 Probing the Wave Nature of Light-Matter InteractionWorld Journal of Condensed Matter Physics. 62.
2018 Search for a Dark Photon in Electro-Produced $e^{+}e^{-}$ Pairs with the Heavy Photon Search Experiment at JLab
2018 Search for three-nucleon short-range correlations in light nucleiPhys. Rev.. 065204.
2018 Semi-Inclusive $\pi_0$ target and beam-target asymmetries from 6 GeV electron scattering with CLASPhys. Lett.. 662-667.
2018 The center of mass motion of short-range correlated nucleon pairs studied via the A(e,e'pp) reactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 092501.
2017 A Glimpse of Gluons through Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering on the ProtonNature communications.
2017 An Anatomy of the Interrelationship between Equity and Mortgage REITsInternational Real Estate Review. 287-324.
2017 Beam-target double-spin asymmetry in quasielastic electron scattering off the deuteron with CLASPhys. Rev.. 024005.
2017 Design and R\&D of RICH detectors for EIC experimentsNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. 237-240.
2017 Determination of the proton spin structure functions for $0.05\<{Q}^{2}\<5{\mathrm{GeV}}^{2}$ using CLASPhys. Rev.. 065208.
2017 Examining the temporal order of ethnic identity and perceived discrimination among Hispanic immigrant adolescentsDevelopmental Psychology,. 929-937.
2017 Exclusive $\eta$ electroproduction at $W$>2 GeV with CLAS and transversity generalized parton distributionsPhys. Rev.. 035202.
2017 Longitudinal Trajectories of Family Functioning Among Recent Immigrant Adolescents and Parents: Links With Adolescent and Parent Cultural Stress, Emotional Well-Being, and Behavioral HealthChild Development.
2017 Measurement of two-photon exchange effect by comparing elastic $e^\pm p$ cross sectionsPhys. Rev.. 065201.
2017 Modular focusing ring imaging Cherenkov detector for electron–ion collider experimentsNucl. Instrum. Meth. A. 13-19.
2017 Nucleon and nuclear structure through dilepton productionarXiv preprint arXiv:1712.04198.
2017 Rapid adaptive responses to climate change in coralsNature Climate Change. 627-636.
2017 Rosenbluth separation of the ?0 Electroproduction Cross Section off the NeutronPhys. Rev. Lett.. 222002.
2017 Target and Beam-Target Spin Asymmetries in Exclusive Pion Electroproduction for $Q^2>1$ GeV$^2$. I. $e p \rightarrow e \pi^+ n$Phys. Rev.. 035206.
2017 Target and beam-target spin asymmetries in exclusive pion electroproduction for $Q^2>1$ GeV$^2$. II. $e p \rightarrow e \pi^0 p$Phys. Rev.. 035207.
2017 Target and double spin asymmetries of deeply virtual $\pi^0$ production with a longitudinally polarized proton target and CLASPhys. Lett.. 168-173.
2017 The PANDA DIRC detectors at FAIRJINST. C07006.
2017 Workshop on High-Intensity Photon Sources (HIPS2017) Mini-ProceedingsarXiv preprint arXiv:1704.00816.
2016 Anticancer, biophysical and computational investigations of half-sandwich ruthenium (II) thiosemicarbazone complexes: The effect of arene versus thiacrown face-capInterdisciplinary Journal of Chemistry. 1-15.
2016 Computational, electrochemical, and spectroscopic studies of two mononuclear cobaloximes: the influence of an axial pyridine and solvent on the redox behaviour and evidence for pyridine coordination to cobalt (I) and cobalt (II) metal centresDalton Transactions. 10326-10342.
2016 Electron Ion Collider: The Next QCD FrontierEur. Phys. J.. 268.
2016 High-performance DIRC detector for the future Electron Ion Collider experimentJINST. C07015.
2016 Measurement of Target and Double-spin Asymmetries for the $\vec e\vec p\to e\pi^+ (n)$ Reaction in the Nucleon Resonance Region at Low $Q^2$Phys. Rev.. 045206.
2016 Measurement of Target and Double-spin Asymmetries for the epe?+ (n) Reaction in the Nucleon Resonance Region at Low Q2
2016 Photoproduction of $\Lambda$ and $\Sigma^0$ hyperons using linearly polarized photonsPhys. Rev.. 065201.
2016 Photoproduction of the $f_1(1285)$ MesonPhys. Rev.. 065202.
2016 Rosenbluth separation of the ?0 electroproduction cross sectionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 262001.
2016 Target and beam-target spin asymmetries in exclusive $\pi^+$ and $\pi^-$ electroproduction with 1.6- to 5.7-GeV electronsPhys. Rev.. 055201.
2015 Complex three-dimensional lanthanide metal–organic frameworks with variable coordination spheres based on pyrazine-2, 3, 5, 6-tetracarboxylateCrystEngComm. 5377-5388.
2015 Cross sections for the exclusive photonelectroproduction on the proton and Generalized PartonDistributionsPhys. Rev. Lett.. 212003.
2015 Direct observation of quark-hadron duality in the freeneutron F_2 structure functionPhys. Rev.. 055206.
2015 E00-110 experiment at Jefferson Lab Hall A: Deeply virtual Compton scattering off the proton at 6 GeVPhys. Rev.. 055202.
2015 First Measurement of the Polarization Observable E in the p(?,?+)n Reaction up to 2.25 GeVPhys. Lett.. 53-58.
2015 Identity centrality and psychosocial functioning: A person-centered approachEmerging Adulthood. 327-339.
2015 Identity in young adulthood: Links with mental health and risky behaviorJournal of Applied Developmental Psychology. 39-52.
2015 Measurements of $ep \to e^\prime \pi^+n$ at W = 1.6 - 2.0 GeV and extraction of nucleon resonance electrocouplings at CLASPhys. Rev.. 045203.
2015 Measurements of ep e?+n at W = 1.6 -2.0 GeV and extraction of nucleon resonanceelectrocouplings at CLASPhys. Rev.. 045203.
2015 Reaching for the horizon: The 2015 long range plan for nuclear science
2015 The Role of Quantum Coherence in Systems of Various Complexities
2015 Tokamak Scenario Trajectory Optimization Using Fast Integrated SimulationsBulletin of the American Physical Society.
2015 Validation of optimal Fourier rheometry for rapidly gelling materials and its application in the study of collagen gelationJournal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics. 253-259.
2014 $\phi$-meson photoproduction on Hydrogen in the neutral decay modePhys. Rev.. 055206.
2014 Beam-Energy Dependence of the Directed Flow of Protons,Antiprotons, and Pions in Au+Au CollisionsPhys. Rev. Lett.. 162301.
2014 Event-plane-dependent dihadron correlations with harmonic $v_n$ subtraction in Au + Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 041901.
2014 Exclusive ?0 electroproduction at W>2 GeV with CLASPhys. Rev.. 025205.
2014 GEOTRACES: Changing the Way We Explore Ocean ChemistryOceanography. 50-61.
2014 Induced polarization of (1116) in kaonelectroproductionPhys. Rev.. 035202.
2014 Induced polarization of \Lambda(1116) in kaon electroproductionPhys. Rev.. 035202.
2014 Long-term Cointegrative and Short-term Causal Relations among US Real Estate SectorsInternational Real Estate Review. 359-394.
2014 Measurement of the structure function of the nearly free neutron using spectator tagging in inelastic $^2$H(e, e'p)X scattering with CLASPhys. Rev.. 045206.
2014 Multiplatform, multidisciplinary investigations of the impacts of modified Circumpolar Deep Water in the Ross Sea, AntarcticaOceanogr.
2014 Precision measurements of g_1 of the proton and the deuteron with 6 GeV electronsPhys. Rev.. 025212.
2014 So, you want to use next-generation sequencing in marine systems? Insight from the Pan-Pacific Advanced Studies InstituteBulletin of Marine Science. 79-122.
2014 Spin and parity measurement of the Lambda(1405) baryonPhys. Rev. Lett.. 082004.
2013 Beam asymmetry $\Sigma$ for $\pi^+$ and $\pi^0$ photoproduction on the proton for photon energies from 1.102 to 1.862 GeVPhys. Rev.. 065203.
2013 Cross sections for the ?p ? $K^{*+}$? and ?p ? $K^{*+}S^0$ reactions measured at CLASPhys. Rev.. 065204.
2013 Deep exclusive $\pi^+$ electroproduction off the proton at CLASEur. Phys. J.. 16.
2013 Deep exclusive ?+ electroproduction off the proton at CLASEur. Phys. J.. 16.
2013 Demonstration of a novel technique to measure two-photon exchange effects in elastic $e^\pm p$ scatteringPhys. Rev.. 025210.
2013 Demonstration of a novel technique to measure two-photonexchange effects in elastic ep scatteringPhys. Rev.. 025210.
2013 Differential Photoproduction Cross Sections of the $\Sigma^0(1385)$, $\Lambda(1405)$, and $\Lambda(1520)$Phys. Rev.. 045201.
2013 Effects of biomass types and carbonization conditions on the chemical characteristics of hydrocharsJournal of agricultural and food chemistry. 9401-9411.
2013 First Observation of the $\Lambda(1405)$ Line Shape in ElectroproductionPhys. Rev.. 045202.
2013 Hard Two-body Photodisintegration of $^3$HePhys. Rev. Lett.. 242301.
2013 Synthesis, characterisation, and preliminary anti-cancer photodynamic therapeutic in vitro studies of mixed-metal binuclear ruthenium (II)-vanadium (IV) complexesDalton transactions (Cambridge, England: 2003). 11881.
2013 Third Harmonic Flow of Charged Particles in Au+AuCollisions at sqrtsNN = 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 014904.
2013 Transverse polarization of $S^+$(1189) in photoproduction on a hydrogen target in CLASPhys. Rev.. 045206.
2013 Transverse polarization of Sigma+(1189) in photoproduction on a hydrogen target in CLASPhys.Rev.. 045206.
2012 A comparison of forward and backward pp pair knockout in3He(e,e’pp)nPhys. Rev.. 064318.
2012 A method for evaluating competency in assessment and management of suicide riskAcademic Psychiatry. 23-28.
2012 Anomalous centrality evolution of two-particle angular correlations from Au-Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}$ = 62 and 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 064902.
2012 Branching Ratio of the Electromagnetic Decay of the $\Sigma^{+}(1385)$Phys. Rev.. 052004.
2012 Directed and elliptic flow of charged particles in Cu+Cu collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} =$ 22.4 GeVPhys. Rev.. 014901.
2012 EChOExperimental Astronomy. 311-353.
2012 Evidence for the onset of color transparency in ?0 electroproduction off nucleiPhys. Lett.. 326-330.
2012 Identified hadron compositions in p+p and Au+Au collisions at high transverse momenta at $\sqrt{s_{_{NN}}} = 200$ GeVPhys. Rev. Lett.. 072302.
2012 Longitudinal and transverse spin asymmetries for inclusive jet production at mid-rapidity in polarized $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 032006.
2012 Longitudinal and transverse spin asymmetries for inclusive jet production at mid-rapidity in polarized p+p collisions at s=200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 032006.
2012 Measurement of Exclusive $?0$ ElectroproductionStructure Functions and their Relationship to Transversity GPDsPhys. Rev. Lett.. 112001.
2012 Measurement of Exclusive $\pi^0$ Electroproduction Structure Functions and their Relationship to Transversity GPDsPhys. Rev. Lett.. 112001.
2012 Measurement of the W e ? and Z/?* e+e- Production Cross Sections at Mid-rapidity in Proton-Proton Collisions at s = 500 GeVPhys. Rev.. 092010.
2012 Measurement of the neutron F2 structure function viaspectator tagging with CLASPhys. Rev. Lett.. 142001.
2012 Measurements of $D^{0}$ and $D^{*}$ Production in $p+p$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 072013.
2012 Observation of a narrow structure in $p(\gamma,K_s)X$ via interference with $\phi$-meson productionPhys. Rev.. 035209.
2012 Transverse Single-Spin Asymmetry and Cross-Section for $\pi^0$ and $\eta$ Mesons at Large Feynman-$x$ in Polarized $p+p$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}=200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 051101.
2012 Upper limits for the photoproduction cross section for the –(1860) pentaquark state off the deuteronPhys. Rev.. 015205.
2011 Coherent Photoproduction of pi+ from 3HePhys. Rev.. 034001.
2011 Electromagnetic Decay of the $\Sigma^{0}(1385)$ to $\Lambda\gamma$Phys. Rev.. 072004.
2011 Evolution of the differential transverse momentum correlation function with centrality in Au$+$Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} =$ 200 GeVPhys. Lett.. 467-473.
2011 High $p_{T}$ non-photonic electron production in $p+p$ collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 052006.
2011 K*0 production in Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisions at s_NN = 62.4 GeV and 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 034909.
2011 Low Q2 measurements of the proton form factor ratio mu_p G_E / G_MPhys. Rev.. 055204.
2011 Measurement of the parity-violating longitudinal single-spin asymmetry for $W^{\pm}$ boson production in polarized proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s} = 500-GeV$Phys. Rev. Lett.. 062002.
2011 Near-threshold Photoproduction of Phi Mesons from DeuteriumPhys. Lett.. 338-342.
2011 Precise measurements of beam spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive $\pi^0$ productionPhys. Lett.. 397-402.
2011 Precise measurements of beam spin asymmetries insemi-inclusive ?0 productionPhys. Lett.. 397-402.
2011 Probing the high momentum component of the deuteron at high Q2Phys. Rev. Lett.. 262501.
2011 Strange and Multi-strange Particle Production in Au+AuCollisions at s_NN = 62.4 GeVPhys. Rev.. 024901.
2010 "Does yoga shape body, mind and spiritual health and happiness: Differences between yoga practitioners and college students"International journal of yoga. 48.
2010 An Experimental Exploration of the QCD Phase Diagram:The Search for the Critical Point and the Onset ofDe-confinement
2010 Azimuthal di-hadron correlations in d+Au and Au+Aucollisions at s_NN=200 GeV from STARPhys. Rev.. 024912.
2010 Balance Functions from Au+Au, d+Au, and p+p Collisions at s_NN = 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 024905.
2010 Charged and strange hadron elliptic flow in Cu+Cu collisions at s_NN = 62.4 and 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 044902.
2010 Cross section in p+p collisions at (s) = 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 012004.
2010 DSP implementation of underwater communication using SSB modulation with random carrier frequenciesScientific Research and Essays. 1084.
2010 Emerging concepts on microbial processes in the bathypelagic ocean–ecology, biogeochemistry, and genomicsDeep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. 1519-1536.
2010 Evidence for a backward peak in the gama d —> pi0 dcross section near the eta thresholdEur. Phys. J.. 261-267.
2010 Higher Moments of Net-proton Multiplicity Distributionsat RHICPhys. Rev. Lett.. 022302.
2010 Identified particle production, azimuthal anisotropy,and interferometry measurements in Au+Au collisions ats(NN)**(1/2) = 9.2- GeVPhys. Rev.. 024911.
2010 Inclusive $\pi^0$, $\eta$, and direct photon production at high transverse momentum in $p+p$ and $d+$Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 064904.
2010 Longitudinal scaling property of the charge balancefunction in Au + Au collisions at 200 GeVPhys. Lett.. 239-244.
2010 Measurement of azimuthal asymmetries associated with deeply virtual Compton scattering on an unpolarized deuterium targetNucl. Phys.. 1-27.
2010 Measurement of the Bottom contribution to non-photonic electron production in p+p collisions at s =200GeVPhys. Rev. Lett.. 202301.
2010 Measurements of Dihadron Correlations Relative to the Event Plane in Au+Au Collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV
2010 Measurements of Dihadron Correlations Relative to the Event Plane in Au+Au Collisions at s_NN=200 GeV
2010 N-terminal domains of DELLA proteins are intrinsically unstructured in the absence of interaction with GID1/gibberellic acid receptorsJournal of Biological Chemistry. 11557-11571.
2010 Nuclear-mass dependence of azimuthal beam-helicity and beam-charge asymmetries in deeply virtual Compton scatteringPhys. Rev.. 035202.
2010 Observation of an Antimatter HypernucleusScience. 58-62.
2010 Observation of pi+ pi- pi+ pi- Photoproduction inUltra-Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions at STARPhys. Rev.. 044901.
2010 Spectra of identified high-$p_{T}$ $\pi^\pm$ and $p(\bar{p})$ in Cu$+$Cu collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 054907.
2010 Studying Parton Energy Loss in Heavy-Ion Collisions viaDirect-Photon and Charged-Particle AzimuthalCorrelationsPhys. Rev.. 034909.
2010 Three-particle coincidence of the long rangepseudorapidity correlation in high energy nucleus-nucleuscollisionsPhys. Rev. Lett.. 022301.
2009 A Measurement of the differential cross section for thereaction gamma n —> pi- p from deuteriumPhys. Rev. Lett.. 012301.
2009 A Precise Measurement of the Neutron Magnetic FormFactor G**n(M)in the Few-GeV**2 RegionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 192001.
2009 Beam-Recoil Polarization Transfer in the Nucleon Resonance Region in the Exclusive vec-ep ---> e-prime K+ vec-Lambda and vec-ep ---> e-prime K+ vec-Sigma0 Reactions at CLASPhys. Rev.. 065205.
2009 Differential cross s ections for the reactions gamma p—> p eta and gamma p —> p eta-primePhys. Rev.. 045213.
2009 Differential cross sections and spin density matrixelements for the reaction gamma p —> p omegaPhys. Rev.. 065208.
2009 Electroproduction of p pi+ pi- off protons at 0.2 < Q**2< 0.6-GeV**2 and 1.3 < W < 1.57-GeV with CLASPhys. Rev.. 015204.
2009 Energy and system size dependence of phi mesonproduction in Cu+Cu and Au+Au collisionsPhys. Lett.. 183-191.
2009 Exclusive rho0 electroproduction on the proton at CLASEur. Phys. J.. 5-31.
2009 First measurement of direct f0(980) photoproduction on the protonPhys. Rev. Lett.. 102001.
2009 Growth of Long Range Forward-Backward MultiplicityCorrelations with Centrality in Au+Au Collisions ats(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeVPhys. Rev. Lett.. 172301.
2009 Indications of Conical Emission of Charged Hadrons atRHICPhys. Rev. Lett.. 052302.
2009 J/psi production at high transverse momentum in p+p andCu+Cu collisions at s(NN)**1/2 = 200GeVPhys. Rev.. 041902.
2009 K/pi Fluctuations at Relativistic EnergiesPhys. Rev. Lett.. 092301.
2009 Longitudinal Spin Transfer to Lambda and anti-LambdaHyperons in Polarized Proton-Proton Collisions at s**(1/2)= 200-GeVPhys. Rev.. 111102.
2009 Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry and cross section for inclusive neutral pion production at midrapidity in polarized proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=200$ GeVPhys. Rev.. 111108.
2009 Measurement of D* Mesons in Jets from p+p Collisions ats**(1/2) = 200-GeVPhys. Rev.. 112006.
2009 Measurements of phi meson production in relativisticheavy-ion collisions at RHICPhys. Rev.. 064903.
2009 Micro and nano technologies in bioanalysisHumana Press.
2009 Moments of the Spin Structure Functions g**p(1) andg**d(1) for 0.05 < Q**2 < 3.0-GeV**2Phys. Lett.. 12-16.
2009 Neutral Pion Production in Au+Au Collisions ats(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeVPhys. Rev.. 044905.
2009 Observation of Two-source Interference in thePhotoproduction Reaction Au Au —> Au Au rho0Phys. Rev. Lett.. 112301.
2009 Photodisintegration of $^4$He into p+tPhys. Rev.. 044603.
2009 Pion Interferometry in Au+Au and Cu+Cu Collisions atRHICPhys. Rev.. 024905.
2009 Search for the photo-excitation of exotic mesons in thepi+ pi+ pi- systemPhys. Rev. Lett.. 102002.
2009 Systematic Measurements of Identified Particle Spectra in $p p, d^+$ Au and Au+Au Collisions from STARPhys. Rev.. 034909.
2009 The Extraction of phi-N total cross section fromd(gamma,pK+ K-)nPhys. Lett.. 417-422.
2009 University Management and Globalisation: An Examination of the Changing Dynamics in UK UniversitiesInternational Journal of Knowledge, Culture and Change Management.
2009 Yields and elliptic flow of d(anti-d) andHe-3(anti-He-3) in Au + Au collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) =200- GeV
2008 ?0 photoproduction in ultra peripheral relativistic heavy ion collisions at s_NN = 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 034910.
2008 A Bayesian analysis of pentaquark signals from CLASdataPhys. Rev. Lett.. 052001.
2008 BoNuS: Development and Use of a Radial TPC usingCylindrical GEMsNucl. Instrum. Meth.. 273-286.
2008 Centrality dependence of charged hadron and strangehadron elliptic flow from s(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeV Au + AucollisionsPhys. Rev.. 054901.
2008 Charge Independent(CI) and Charge Dependent(CD)correlations as a function of Centrality formed from Deltaphi imum Delta eta Charged Pair Correlations in MinimumBias Au+Au Collisions at s(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeV
2008 Cross sections and beam asymmetries for vec(e) p —> enpi+ in the nucleon resonance region for 1.7 <= Q**2 <=4.5-(GeV)**2Phys. Rev.. 015208.
2008 Electroexcitation of the Roper resonance for 1.7 < Q**2< 4.5 -GeV2 in vec-ep —> en pi+Phys. Rev.. 045209.
2008 Electroproduction of phi(1020) mesons at 1.4 < Q**2 <3.8 GeV**2 measured with the CLAS spectrometerPhys. Rev.. 025210.
2008 Enhanced strange baryon production in Au + Au collisionscompared to p + p at s(NN)**(1/2) = 200-GeVPhys. Rev.. 044908.
2008 First measurement of target and double spin asymmetriesfor polarized-e polarized-p —> e p pi0 in the nucleonresonance region above the Delta(1232)Phys. Rev.. 045204.
2008 Forward Neutral Pion Transverse Single Spin Asymmetriesin p+p Collisions at s**(1/2) = 200-GeVPhys. Rev. Lett.. 222001.
2008 He-3 Spin-Dependent Cross Sections and Sum RulesPhys. Rev. Lett.. 022303.
2008 Measurement of e p –> e p pi0 beam spin asymmetriesabove the resonance regionPhys. Rev.. 042201.
2008 Polarized Structure Function sigma(LT-prime) forp(polarized-e, e-prime K+) Lambda in the Nucleon ResonanceRegionPhys. Rev.. 065208.
2008 Ratios of N-15/C-12 and He-4/C-12 inclusiveelectroproduction cross sections in the nucleon resonanceregionPhys. Rev.. 015202.
2008 Spin alignment measurements of the K*0(892) and phi(1020) vector mesons in heavy ion collisions ats(NN)**(1/2) = 200 GeVPhys. Rev.. 061902.
2008 System-size independence of directed flow at theRelativistic Heavy-Ion ColliderPhys. Rev. Lett.. 252301.
2007 Beam-Spin Asymmetries in the Azimuthal Distribution of Pion ElectroproductionPhys. Lett.. 164-170.
2007 Cascade production in the reactions gamma p —> K+ K+(X) and gamma p —> K+ K+ pi- (X)Phys. Rev.. 025208.
2007 Cross-sections for the gamma p —> K*0 Sigma+ reactionat E(gamma) = 1.7-GeV - 3.0-GeVPhys. Rev.. 042201.
2007 Double Spin Asymmetries A(NN) and A(SS) at s**(1/2) =200-GeV in Polarized Proton-Proton Elastic Scattering atRHICPhys. Lett.. 98-103.
2007 Experimental study of exclusive H-2(e,e-prime p)nreaction mechanisms at high Q**2Phys. Rev. Lett.. 262502.
2007 First measurement of beam-recoil observables C(x) andC(z) in hyperon photoproductionPhys. Rev.. 035205.
2007 First measurement of coherent phi-meson photoproductionon deuteron at low energiesPhys. Rev.. 052202.
2007 High Resolution Spectroscopy of B-12(Lambda) byElectroproductionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 052501.
2007 Q*2 dependence of the S(11)(1535) photocoupling andevidence for a P-wave resonance in eta electroproductionPhys. Rev.. 015204.
2007 Quark-hadron duality in spin structure functions g(1)pand g(1)dPhys. Rev.. 035203.
2007 Search for medium modification of the rho mesonPhys. Rev. Lett.. 262302.
2007 Separated structure functions for the exclusiveelectroproduction of K+ Lambda and K+ Sigma0 finalstatesPhys. Rev.. 045203.
2007 The Beam-charge azimuthal asymmetry and deeply virtual compton scatteringPhys. Rev.. 011103.
2007 The Proton Elastic Form Factor Ratio mu(p)G**p(E)/G**p(M) at Low Momentum TransferPhys. Rev. Lett.. 202002.
2007 The first measurement of the elastic p p-scattering spinparameters at s**(1/2) = 200-GeVAIP Conf. Proc.. 677-680.
2007 Transverse Polarization of Lambda and anti-Lambda Hyperons in Quasireal PhotoproductionPhys. Rev.. 092008.
2007 pi0 photoproduction on the proton for photon energiesfrom 0.675 to 2.875-GeVPhys. Rev.. 025211.
2007 www. elsevier. com/locate/geodermaGeoderma. 215.
2006 Differential cross sections for gamma + p —> K+ + Yfor Lambda and Sigma0 hyperonsPhys. Rev.. 035202.
2006 Double hadron leptoproduction in the nuclear mediumPhys. Rev. Lett.. 162301.
2006 First measurement of A(N) at s**(1/2) = 200-GeV inpolarized proton-proton elastic scattering at RHICPhys. Lett.. 167-172.
2006 Longitudinal Spin Transfer to the Lambda Hyperon in Semi-Inclusive Deep-Inelastic ScatteringPhys. Rev.. 072004.
2006 Looking at gender differences through the lens of sport spectatorsSport Marketing Quarterly. 155.
2006 Measurement of the N —> Delta+(1232) transition athigh momentum transfer by pi0 electroproductionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 112003.
2006 Measurement of the deuteron structure function F(2) inthe resonance region and evaluation of its momentsPhys. Rev.. 045205.
2006 Measurement of the x- and Q**2-dependence of theasymmetry A(1) on the nucleonPhys. Lett.. 11-17.
2006 Measurements of the electron-helicity dependentcross-sections of deeply virtual compton scattering withCEBAF at 12-GeV
2006 Polarization transfer in the H-2(polarized-e, e-primepolarized-p) n reaction up to Q**2 = 1.61-(GeV/c)**2Phys. Rev.. 064004.
2006 Scaling tests of the cross-section for deeply virtual compton scatteringPhys. Rev. Lett.. 262002.
2006 Search for Theta+(1540) pentaquark in high statisticsmeasurement of gamma p —> anti-K0 K+ n at CLASPhys. Rev. Lett.. 042001.
2006 Search for Theta++ pentaquarks in the exclusive reactiongamma p —> K+ K- pPhys. Rev. Lett.. 102001.
2006 Search for the Theta+ pentaquark in the gamma d —>Lambda n K+ reaction measured with CLASPhys. Rev. Lett.. 032001.
2006 Search for the Theta+ pentaquark in the gamma d —>Lambda n K+ reaction measured with the CLAS spectrometerPhys. Rev. Lett.. 032001.
2006 Search for the Theta+ pentaquark in the reaction gamma d—> p K- K+ nPhys. Rev. Lett.. 212001.
2006 Search for the Theta+ pentaquark in the reactions gammap —> anti-K0 K+n and gamma p —> anti-K0 K0pPhys. Rev.. 032001.
2006 Single pi+ electroproduction on the proton in the firstand second resonance regions at 0.25-GeV**2 < Q**2 <0.65-GeV**2 using CLASPhys. Rev.. 025204.
2005 Atomic and molecular collisions and interactions-Transfer ionization process p+ He–> H0+ He2++ e-with the ejected electron detected in the plane perpendicular to the incident beam directionPhysical Review-Section A-Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics. 52712-52712.
2005 Beam-helicity asymmetries in double-charged-pionphotoproduction on the protonPhys. Rev. Lett.. 162003.
2005 Cross section measurements of charged pionphotoproduction in hydrogen and deuterium from 1.1-GeV to5.5-GeVPhys. Rev.. 044603.
2005 Deeply virtual and exclusive electroproduction of omegamesonsEur. Phys. J.. 445-458.
2005 Does anaerobic decomposition of crop residues impair soil nitrogen cycling and yield trends in lowland rice?Copyright International Rice Research Institute 2005. 374.
2005 Exclusive photoproduction of the cascade (Xi) hyperonsPhys. Rev.. 058201.
2005 Exclusive rho0 meson electroproduction from hydrogen atCLASPhys. Lett.. 256-264.
2005 First measurement of the tensor structure function b(1) of the deuteronPhys. Rev. Lett.. 242001.
2005 Measurement of the polarized structure functionsigma(LT-prime) for pion electroproduction in the Roperresonance regionPhys. Rev.. 058202.
2005 Nuclear transparency from quasielastic C-12 (e, e-primep)Phys. Rev.. 054602.
2005 Quark helicity distributions in the nucleon for up, down, and strange quarks from semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scatteringPhys. Rev.. 012003.
2005 Quasifree pi0 and pi- electroproduction on He-4 in theDelta-resonance regionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 172501.
2005 Radiative decays of the Sigma0(1385) and Lambda(1520)hyperonsPhys. Rev.. 054609.
2005 Revealing the effect of angular correlation in the ground-state He wavefunction: a coincidence study of the transfer ionization processJournal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. L123.
2005 Search for an exotic S = -2, Q = -2 baryon resonance at a mass near 1862-MeV in quasi-real photoproductionPhys. Rev.. 032004.
2005 Single-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering on a transversely polarized hydrogen targetPhys. Rev. Lett.. 012002.
2005 Subleading-twist effects in single-spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering on a longitudinally polarized hydrogen targetPhys. Lett.. 14-22.
2005 Survey of A(LT-prime) asymmetries in semi-exclusiveelectron scattering on He-4 and C-12Nucl. Phys.. 357-373.
2005 The Deuteron structure function F(2) with CLAS
2005 The HERMES polarized hydrogen and deuterium gas target in the HERA electron storage ringNucl. Instrum. Meth.. 68-101.
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