Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2013 Variability, regularity and coupling measures distinguish PD tremor from voluntary 5 Hz tremor.Neuroscience Letters. 69-74.
2012 Landing Technique Affects Knee Loading and Position During Athletic TasksJournal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 175-181.
2011 Immediate effects of a heel-pain orthosis and an augmented low dye taping on plantar pressures and pain in subjects with plantar fasciitisClinical Journal of Sports Medicine. 474-479.
2011 Knee and Hip Sagittal and Transverse Plane Changes After Two Fatigue ProtocolsJournal of Science and Medicine in Sport. 453-459.
2011 neuromuscular changes following an injury prevention program for ACL injuriesInternational Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training. 16-20.
2010 The effect of 3 foot pads on plantar pressure of pes planus foot typeJournal of Sport Rehabilitation. 71-85.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2016 Injury History Predicts Musculoskeletal Lower Extremity Injury Risk in High School Athletes: The FPPE Project: 187 Board# 24 June 1, 11: 00 AM-12: 30 PM..  36.
2015 Comparison of 2-Dimensional Measurement of Knee Frontal Plane Projection Angle in ACL Injured Athletes: 2183 Board# 5 May 29, 9: 30 AM-11: 30 AM.  577.
2015 Single Leg Hop Limb Asymmetry and Lower Extremity Injury Risk in Healthy High School Athletes: The FPPE Project: 2414 Board# 161 May 29, 9: 30 AM-11: 00 AM.  650-651.
2014 Comparison of High School vs. Collegiate Athletes Single Leg Balance and Single Leg Hop Characteristics: The Functional Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (FPPE) Project.  207-208.
2014 iLESS Visual Estimation is a Valid Measure of Knee Valgus During Drop Vertical Jump.  407-407.