Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 Settling velocity of small inertial particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence from high-resolution DNSInternational Journal of Multiphase Flow. 217-231.
2016 Study of Local Turbulence Profiles Relative to the Particle Surface in Particle-Laden Turbulent FlowsASME JournalofFluidsEngineering. 041203.
2015 Effects of forcing time scale on the simulated turbulent flows and turbulent collision statistics of inertial particlesPhysics of Fluids. 015105.
2015 Effects of gravity on the acceleration and pair statistics of inertial particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulencePhysics of Fluids. 033304.
2014 DNS of hydrodynamically interacting droplets in turbulent clouds: parallel implementation and scalability analysis using 2D domain decompositionComputer Physics Communications. 3269-3290.
2014 Study of forced turbulence and its modulation by finite-size solidparticles using the lattice Boltzmann approachComputers & Mathematics with Applications. 363-380.
2013 Analysis and parallel implementation of a forced N-body problemJournal of Computational Physics. 235-258.
2013 Kinematic and dynamic collision statistics of cloud droplets fromhigh-resolution simulationsNew Journal of Physics.
2013 Microstructural evolution of carbon nanotube fibers: deformation andstrength mechanismNanoscale. 2002-2008.
2013 Parallel implementation and scalability analysis of 3D Fast FourierTransform using 2D domain decompositionParallel Computing. 58-77.
2008 Effects of turbulence on the geometric collision rate of sedimentingdroplets. Part 1. Results from direct numerical simulationNew Journal of Physics.
2008 Effects of turbulence on the geometric collision rate of sedimentingdroplets. Part 2. Theory and parameterizationNew Journal of Physics.
2008 Turbulent collision efficiency of heavy particles relevant to clouddropletsNew Journal of Physics.
2007 A hybrid approach for simulating turbulent collisions ofhydrodynamically-interacting particlesJournal of Computational Physics. 51-73.
2006 Comments on “Droplets to drops by turbulent coagulation”JOURNAL OF THE ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES. 2397-2401.
2006 Effects of stochastic coalescence and air turbulence on the sizedistribution of cloud dropletsAtmospheric Research. 416-432.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2011 CollisionExplorer: a tool for visualizing droplet collisions in a turbulent flow.  669-680.
2011 High-resolution simulation of turbulent collision of cloud droplets.  401-410.
2011 Kinematic and dynamic pair collision statistics of sedimenting inertial particles relevant to warm rain initiation.  072016.
2011 Methods and issues for highly-scalable simulation of isotropic homogeneous turbulence
2011 Towards an integrated multiscale simulation of turbulent clouds onPetaScale computers