Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2003 "Free Markets and State Control: A Feminist Challenge to Davos Man and Big Brother"Gender and Development. 82-90.
1999 "International Data on Women and Gender: Resources, Issues, Critical Use"Women’s Studies International Forum. 249-259.
1994 "Moving from 'The Status of Women' to 'Gender Inequality': Conceptualization, Social Indicators, & an Empirical Application"International Sociology. 55-85.


Year Title
1996 "Gender Inequality in Labor Force Participation Across Nations"Women and Work: A Handbook. Garland Publishing.
1994 "Gender Inequality Around the World: Comparing Fifteen Nations in Five World Regions"Experiences of Gender: Color, Class, and Country. London: Zed.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1990 "Gender Inequality and Economic Development: Cross-National Indicators of the Situation of Women Relative to Men".  289-295.