Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1993 Composition-flowpath relationships for groundwater entering an acidic lakeWater Resources Research. 145-154.
1990 Porewater acid/base chemistry in near-shore regions of an acidic lake: The influence of groundwater inputsBiogeochemistry. 131-150.
1987 Comparison of terrestrial and hypolimnetic sediment generation of acid neutralizing capacity for an acidic Adirondack lakeEnvironmental Science and Technology. 988-993.
1987 Temporal and spatial variations in the aluminum chemistry of a dilute acidic lakeBiogeochemistry. 105-119.
1985 Partitioning light attenuation in an acidic lakeCanadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 1707-1711.
1984 Short term changes in the base neutralizing capacity of an acid Adirondack lake, NYNature. 308-310.
1983 The response of a dilute acidified surface water to strong base additionNortheastern Environmental Science. 151-160.
1982 CaCO3 neutralization of acidified surface watersJ. Environmental Engineering Div. ASCE. 1128-1145.