Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2011 Prospects for Ebw Heating and Current Drive on Spherical ToriElectron Cyclotron Emission and Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (EC-16). 257-262.
2009 EBW power deposition and current drive in WEGA – comparison of simulation with experimentPlasma Phys. Control. Fusion. 125008.
2009 EBW simulations in an experimental contextJ. Plasma Fusion Res. Ser. 1153.
2009 Simulations of EBW current drive and power deposition in the WEGA StellaratorAIP. 449.
2006 Electron Bernstein Wave Simulations and Comparison to Preliminary NSTX Emission DataAIP.
2006 Interpretation of EBW simulation and comparison with NSTX33rd EPS Conference on Plasma Phys. Contr. Fusion.
2005 Ray tracing and Fokker-Planck modelling of electron Bernstein wave heating and current driveAssociation EURATOM/IPP. CR. 83.
2004 ECE from MAST—Gaussian beams and antenna aiming problemCzechoslovak Journal of Physics. C116-C122.
2004 Influence of Antenna Directivity on ECE in MASTRev. Sci. Instrum. 3804-3806.
2003 Additional information on AIP Conf. Proc.AIP Conf. Proc. 388.
2003 ECE in MAST: Theory and ExperimentAIP. 388-391.
2003 Electron Bernstein Wave-X-O Mode Conversion and Electron Cyclotron Emission in MASTAIP. 1437-1440.
2001 ECRH in Spherical Plasmas: O-X-EBW Mode Conversion in MASTRev. Sci. Instrum.. 391-394.
2001 Electron cyclotron resonance heating in spherical plasmas: O–X–EBW mode conversion in MASTAmerican Institute of Physics Review of Scientific Instruments. 391-393.
2000 ECRH on CASTORSpringer-Verlag. 51-56.
1997 Role of higher spatial harmonics in the launched LH spectrum in the ponderomotive effects at the plasma edgeJournal of plasma physics. 555-574.
1997 Role of the Higher Harmonics in the Launched Spectrum in the Pondermotive Effects at the Plasma EdgeJ. Plasma Physics. 555.
1996 The theory of the quasi-optical grill: A lower hybrid wave launcher in the 4-10 GHz range for high field tokamaksINIS.
1995 Role of the higher harmonics in the launched LH spectrum in the ponderomotive effects at the plasma edge


Year Title
2009 Simulations of EWB current drive and power deposition in the WEGA StellaratorRadio Frequency Power in Plasmas: Proceedings of the 18th Topical Conference. American Institute of Physics.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2011 EBW H&CD Potential for Spherical Tokamaks.  477.
2011 Full Wave 2D theory of LH Grills Suitable for Large Structures
2009 Comparison of EBW heating and current drive simulation models in realistic tokamak conditions
2009 Coupled Ray-tracing and Fokker-Planck EBW Modeling for Spherical Tokamaks.  465-468.
2007 Simulation of EBW Heating in WEGA.  343-346.
2006 EBW Emission Simulations and Plasma Diagnostics
2006 Interpretation of Electron Bernstein Wave Emission Simulations and Comparison with NSTX.  P5.171.
2005 EBW Simulation for MAST and NSTX Experiments.  349-352.
2005 Methodology of Electron Bernstein Wave Emission Simulations.  P1.121.
2004 Comparison of theory and experiment on electron cyclotron emission from spherical tori.  384.
2004 The Sensitivity of ECE simulations in MAST to Different Magnetic Equilibria Models.  P-4.184.
2003 Radio Frequency Power in Plasmas.  388-391.
2002 Interpretation of ECE Measurements on MAST.  P-5.095.
2001 ECE on CASTOR.  326-329.
2001 Influence of the Plasma Surface Density Fluctuations on ECE in CASTOR.  329-332.
2000 Excitation of Electron Bernstein Waves in MAST
1999 Proposals of Quasi-Optical Grils for ITER and NSTX Tokamaks.  1601-1604.
1999 Quasi-Optical Grills for ITER and NSTX Plasmas.  474-477.
1998 Comparison of Quasi-Optical and Passive-Active Multijunction Grills for ITER-and NSTX-like Plasmas
1998 Launch of 5 GHz LH Waves into ITER using Quasi-Optical Grills
1998 Proposals of Quasi-Optical Grill for ITER Tokamak.  1426.
1998 Quasi-Optical Grills Proposals for TdeV, Ignitor and Tore Supra Tokamaks
1997 A New Concept of Launchers for Lower Hybrid Waves in Tokamaks: Quasi-Optical Grills.  87-100.
1997 Preliminary proposals of quasi-optical grills for Ignitor and TdeV tokamaks.  165-168.
1997 Proposal of a Quasi-Optical Grill Operating at 3.7 GHz for tde V Tokamak.  309.
1997 Proposals of a Quasi-Optical Grill for IGNITOR and Tde V Tokamaks.  165.
1995 Large Quasi-Optical Grills, Mounted in Hyperguides
1995 Pondermotive Coupling in the Edge Plasma of Slow LH Waves with the Edge Plasma
1995 Slow Lower Hybrid Wave Pondermotive Effects in the Edge of a Tokamak Plasma
1995 Slow Lower Hybrid Wave Ponderomotive Effects in the Edge of a Tokamak Plasma.  255.