Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2002 Finite Element-Boundary Integral Methods in Electro-magneticsFinite Elements in Analysis and Design, an International Journal. 391-400.
2000 Computational Aspects of Linear programming Simplex MethodAdvances in Engineering Software. 539-546.
2000 Subspace and Lanczos Sparse Eigen-Solvers for Finite Element Structural and Electromagnetic ApplicationsAdvances in Engineering Software. 599-606.
1998 A Tridiagonal Solver for Massively Parallel ComputersAdvances in Engineering Software. 395-397.
1996 A Parallel-Vector Simplex Algorithm On Distributed Memory ComputersStructural Optimization Journal. 260-264.
1994 A Parallel-Vector Equation Solver for Distributed Memory ComputersComputing Systems in Engineering Journal.
1994 Generalized Exponential Penalty Function for Nonlinear ProgrammingComputers & Structures Journal. 509-514.
1994 Performance of NIKE3D with PVSOLVE On Vector and Parallel ComputersComputing Systems in Engineering Journal. 363-368.
1994 Structure/Load Dependent Vectors For Linear Structural DynamicsComputers & Structures Journal. 515-524.
1993 Computational Mechanics Analysis Tools for Parallel-Vector SupercomputersComputing Systems in Engineering Journal. 349-354.
1993 Parallel-Vector Out-of-Core Equation Solver for Computational MechanicsComputing Systems in Engineering Journal. 381-386.
1991 A Parallel-Vector Equation Solver for Unsymmetric Matrices on SupercomputersComputing Systems in Engineering, An International Journal. 197-202.