Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2000 Laser-Induced Fluorescence of OH Radicals in a dielectric-barrier dischargeApplied Physics Letters. 2970-2972.
1999 Characteristics of a barrier discharge in monatomic and molecular gasesApplied Physics Letters. 3119.
1999 Experimental investigation of microdischarges in a dielectric-barrier dischargeIEEE Tran. On Plasma Science. 22.
1996 Non-Thermal Plasma for Cleanup of Flue GasEmerging Technology in Hazardous Waste Management. 209-223.
1996 Non-thermal plasma remediation of SO2/NO using a dielectric-barrier dischargeJ. Appl. Phys. 348-3444.
1995 Streamer Discharge Simulation in Flue GasIEEE Tran. Plasma Science. 672.
1994 Electrical Characteristics of a coaxial dielectric-barrier dischargeJ. Physics D. 2107.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2005 Ambient Afterglow Plasma.  236.
2005 Dielectric-Barrier Discharge for removal of SO2/NO from Flue Gas
2003 Atmospheric Pressure Afterglow Plasma in Argon
2003 Atmospheric Pressure Afterglow plasma.  52.
2002 Ambient non-thermal plasma for metal surface treatment.  31.
2002 Radio frequency atmospheric pressure plasma in Argon.  52.
1999 LIF of OH radicals in a dielectric-barrier discharge.  76.
1998 Experimental Investigation of an Atmospheric Pressure barrier Discharge.  1426.
1998 Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of OH Radicals in an Atmospheric Pressure Discharge
1998 Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of OH radicals in an Atmospheric Discharge
1995 Dielectric-barrier Discharge for the removal of SO2/NO from Flue Gas
1994 Dielectric-barrier Discharge for Cleanup of Flue gas
1994 Non-thermal plasma for cleanup of flue gas
1993 Plasma-Assisted Cleanup of SO2/NOx in Flue Gas.  437-443.