Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2014 Developing a Home Price Index for a Large Metropolitan AreaVirginia Economic Journal. 37-49.
2007 Class Attendance and Student PerformanceVirginia Economic Journal.
2002 A Case Study of Virginia Beach Hotels: An Analysis of Smith Travel Research Occupancy EstimatesCornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly. 9-17.
2002 An analysis of Smith Travel Research occupancy estimates: a case study of Virginia Beach HotelsThe Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly. 9-17.
2000 The academic labor market for new Ph. Ds in business disciplinesThe Journal of Business and Economic Studies. 1.
1999 Determinants of tourist spending.Consumer psychology of tourism, hospitality and leisure.. 311-330.
1999 Tourist spending and race of visitorsJournal of travel research. 173-176.
1998 Tourism and advertising: Evidence from Virginia beachInternational Advances in Economic Research. 384-397.
1995 The economic impact and rate of return of Virginia’s ports on the commonwealthNorfolk, VA: Old Dominion University. tion in management, performed the aviation case study. He will be seeking employment in the transportation sector in Saudi Arabia.
1991 Employment and Changing Technology in the Post-War railroad IndustryIndustrial Relations.
1988 Permanent Labor Certifications for Alien Professionals, 1975-1982International Migration Review. 265-281.
1987 Economic impact of a port on a regional economy: noteGrowth and Change. 74-87.
1987 The Eilberg Act, new seed immigration, and professional labor marketsEconomics of Education Review. 275-283.


Year Title
2009 Virginia Beach tourism economic impact study
1997 1996 Virginia Beach Tourism Economic Impact Study
1997 The Economic Impact and Rate of Return of Virginia’s Ports on the Commonwealth, 1995
1995 Economic Impact of Eastern Virginia Medical School on Hampton Roads
1989 An Economic Evaluation of Tourism Advertising Expenditures
1986 The Economic Impact of Virginia’s Ports on the Commonwealth: 1984