Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Mesoscopic coherence in light scattering from cold, optically dense and disordered atomic systemsPhysics Reports. 1-60.
2015 Optical Manipulation of Light Scattering in Cold Atomic Rubidium, In FromAtomic to Mesoscale: The Role of Quantum Coherence in Systems of Various ComplexitiesOptics Letters.
2015 Random lasing in an inhomogeneous and disordered system of cold atomsOptics and Spectroscopy.
2014 Light scattering on the F = 1 - F? = 0 transition in a cold and high density Rb vaporJ. Modern Optics.
2013 Near-resonance light scattering from a high-density ultracold atomic Rb-87 gasPhysical Review A. 053817.
2011 Microscopic Theory of Scattering of Weak Electromagnetic Radiation by a Dense Ensemble of Ultracold AtomsJournal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics. 246.
2010 Light trapping in high-density, ultracold atomic gases for quantum memory applicationsJournal of Modern Optics. 1833.
2009 Light scattering from a dense and ultracold atomic gasPhysical Review A.
2009 Optical pumping dynamics and near-resonance light scattering in an ultracold sample of 87Rb atoms.  033418.
2008 Electromagnetically induced optical anisotropy of an ultracold atomic mediumPhysical Review A.
2006 Coherent backscattering of from ultracold and optically dense atomic ensemblesLaser Physics Letters. 223.
2006 Diffuse light scattering dynamics under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparencyPhys. Rev. A. 043812.
2005 Coherent backscattering of light from ultracold and optically dense atomic ensemblesLaser Physics Letters. 223.
2005 Destructive interference in coherent backscattering of light by an ensemble of cold atomsOptics and Spectroscopy. 368.
2004 Spectral Dependence of Coherent Backscattering of Light in a Narrow-ResonancePhysical Review A. 033801.
2003 "Measurement of correlated multiple light scattering in atomic 85RbPhys. Rev. A. 033816.
2003 Coherent Backscattering of Light in Atomic Systems: Application to Weak LocalizationPhys. Rev. A. 013814.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2007 Time-Dependent electromagnetic wave dynamics in ultracold, high-density Rb vapor.  15.
2006 Spectral and time-dependent multiple light scattering in ultracold atomic 85Rb.  18.
2004 Coherent multiple light scattering in ultracold atomic gases
2003 Coherent Multiple Light Scattering in Ultracold Atomic Rb
2003 Coherent backscattering of light in a narrow resonance atomic system of alkali atoms
2002 Observation of coherent backscattering of light in ultracold 85Rb
2002 Weak localization of light in ultracold atomic Rb
2001 Multiple Coherent Light Scattering in 85Rb.  48.
2001 Multiple coherent light scattering in ultracold rubidium.  21.