Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2018 The Effects of Explicit and Implicit Ethics Institutionalization on Employee Life Satisfaction and Happiness: The Mediating Effects of Employee’s Work Life Experience and Moderating Effects of Work-Family Life ConflictJournal of Business Ethics. 855-874.
2015 The Impact of Incongruity between an Organization's CSR Orientation and Its Employees’ CSR Orientations on Employees' Quality of Work LifeJournal of Business Research. 60-66.
2014 Gender Disparity in Job Satisfaction of Western versus Asian ManagersJournal of Business Research. 1257-1266.
2013 Perceptions about Ethics Institutionalization and Quality of Work Life: Thai versus American Marketing ManagersJournal of Business Research. 381-389.
2013 The Influence of Love of Money and Religiosity on Ethical Decision-Making in MarketingJournal of Business Ethics. 183-191.
2012 The Effects of Corporate Ethical Values and Personal Moral Philosophies on Ethical Intentions in Selling Situations: Evidence from Turkish, Thai, and American BusinesspeopleJournal of Business Ethics. 229-241.
2010 Ethics Institutionalization, Quality of Work Life, and Employee Job-related Outcomes: A Survey of Human Resource Managers in ThailandJournal of Business Research. 20-26.
2010 Is Small Business Better than Big Business for Marketing Managers?Journal of Business Research. 418-423.
2010 The Effects of Ethics Institutionalization on Marketing Managers: The Mediating Role of Implicit Institutionalization and the Moderating Role of SocializationJournal of Macromarketing. 77-92.


Year Title
2014 Ethics Institutionalization and Its Impact on Quality of Work Life and Employee Job-related Outcomes: A Review with Managerial and Research ImplicationsOrganizational Ethics and Stakeholder Well-being in the Business Environment. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Conference Papers

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2010 Gender Disparity in Quality of Work Life and Employee Job-Related Outcomes Comparing Thai with American Marketing Managers