Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2006 Legal Concerns Associated with Blogging as a Marketing ToolAtlantic Law Journal. 20-23.
2005 The CAN-SPAM Act: New rules for sending commercial e-mail messages and implications for the sales forceIndustrial Marketing Management. 399-405.
2004 Internet Privacy Laws in the U.S. and E.UE-Business Review. 177-180.
2003 Jurisdictional Issues for Electronic MarketingJournal of Internet Commerce. 11-26.
2002 Legal Issues Associated with Marketing and Website ManagementAtlantic Law Journal. 29-48.
2000 Browsers Beware: Avoiding Legal Entanglements on the InternetOld Dominion University's Quest. 24-27.
2000 Legal Issues Associated with International Internet MarketingInternational Marketing Review. 249-267.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2015 Emerging Jurisdictional Issues in Online Marketing.  103-103.