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Year Title
1996 Q**2 evolution of chiral odd twist - three distributionsh(L) (x, Q**2) and e (x, Q**2) in the large N(c) limitPhys. Rev. Lett.. 3078-3081.
1995 Instanton induced production of QCD jetsPhys. Lett.. 143-148.
1995 Instanton induced production of jets with largetransverse momentum in QCDNucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.. 166-168.
1993 Instanton contributions to the tau decay widthsPhys. Lett.. 371-381.
1993 Instanton induced contributions to structure functionsof deep inelastic scatteringPhys. Lett.. 237-245.
1993 Instanton-induced contributions of fractional twist inthe cross-section of hard gluon-gluon scattering in QCDPhys. Rev.. 1879-1888.
1992 Valleys in Minkowski space and instanton inducedcross-sectionsNucl. Phys.. 51-82.
1991 The Nonlocal operator expansion for inclusive particleproduction in e+ e- annihilationNucl. Phys.. 93-140.
1991 Topological current K(mu) as a string operatorPhys. Lett.. 405-410.
1990 Power corrections 1 / Q**2 to parton sum rules for deepinelastic scattering from polarized targetsPhys. Lett.. 245-250.
1989 Evolution Equations for QCD String OperatorsNucl. Phys.. 541-584.
1989 Nonlocal Operator Expansion for Structure Functions of$e+ e-$ AnnihilationPhys. Lett.. 123-131.
1989 Power law corrections to parton sum rules for deepinelastic scattering by polarized targetJETP Lett.. 61-64.
1989 Radiative Decay Sigma+ —> p gamma in QuantumChromodynamicsNucl. Phys.. 509-550.
1988 On Strange Quark Scalar Condensate in the NucleonZ. Phys.. 225.
1988 QCD Sum rules for the decay sigma+ —> P Gamma. (in russian)Sov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 546-554.
1988 The decay Sigma+ —> p gamma in QCD: Bilocalcorrections in a variable magnetic field and the photonwave functionsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 348-357.
1986 + P ? Decay in QCD. (In Russian)Sov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 1028.