Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2001 Search for quadrupole strength in the electroexcitationof the delta(1232)Phys. Rev. Lett.. 2963-2966.
1999 Measurement of recoil proton polarizations in theelectrodisintegration of deuterium by polarizedelectronsPhys. Lett.. 39-44.
1999 Out-of-plane measurements of the fifth response functionof the exclusive electronuclear responsePhys. Rev.. 064622.
1998 A Measurement of the interference structure function,R(LT), for the C-12(e,e-prime p) reaction in thequasielastic regionPhys. Rev.. 3205-3211.
1998 Comparison of polarization observables in electronscattering from the proton and deuteronPhys. Rev. Lett.. 452-455.
1998 Induced proton polarization for pi0 electroproduction atQ**2 = 0.126-GeV**2 / c**2 around the Delta (1232)resonancePhys. Rev.. 3722.
1998 Measurement of the Induced Proton Polarization Pn in theC-12 (e, e-prime p –>) ReactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 456-459.
1996 Measurement of the Longitudinal, Transverse, and Longitudinal-Transverse Structure Functions in the H-2 (e,e-prime p) n ReactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 1579-1582.
1994 Electric form factor of the neutron from the 2 H (e?, e ’ n? ) 1 H reaction at Q 2 =0.255 (GeV/c ) 2Phys. Rev.. R1749-R1753.
1994 First measurement of the imaginary part of thetransverse longitudinal nuclear responsePhys. Rev. Lett.. 3325-3328.
1994 Measured properties of an out-of-plane spectrometerNucl. Instrum. Meth.. 583-591.
1993 Measurement of the magnetic form factor of the neutronPhys. Rev. C. R5-R9.