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2014 Nucleon and nucleon-pair momentum distributions in A ³ 12 nucleiPhys Rev C.
2014 Quantum Monte Carlo calculations of electromagnetic transitions in Be-8with meson-exchange currents derived from chiral effective field theoryPhysical Review C.
2009 Electromagnetic Currents and Magnetic Moments in ?EFTPhys Rev C.
2009 Electromagnetic currents and magnetic moments in chiral effective fieldtheory (chi EFT)Physical Review C.
2008 Dependence of Two-Nucleon Momentum Densities on Total pair MementurnPhys Rev C.
2008 Dependence of two-nucleon momentum densities on total pair momentumPhysical Review C.
2008 Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Magnetic Moments and M1 Transitions in A < 7 Nuclei Including Meson-Exchange CurrentsPhys Rev C.
2007 Tensor Forces and the Ground-State Structure of NucleiPHys Rev Lett.
2006 Modem theories of low-energy astrophysical reactionsNUCLEAR PHYSICS A. 111-136.
2006 Modern Theories of Low-Energy Astrophysical ReactionsNucl Phys A. 111.
2002 Weak Transitions in A=6 and 7 NucleiPhys Rev C.
2001 A Six-Body Calculation of teh Alpha-Deuteron Radiative Capture Cross SectionPhys Rev C.
1995 An Accurate Nucleaon-Nucleon Potential with Charge-Independence BreakingPhys Rev C.
1994 Isovector Spin-Longitudinal and -Transverse Response of NucleiPhys. Rev. C. 789.
1993 The Coulomb Sum and Proton-Proton Correlations in Few-Body NucleiPhys. Rev. Lett.. 3856.
1992 Effects of -Isobar Degrees of Freedom on Low-Energy Electroweak TransitionsPhys. Rev. C. 2628.
1991 Weak Proton Capture Reactions on 1H and 3He and Tritium ? DecayPhys. Rev. C. 619.
1990 Radiative Neutron Capture on 3HePhys. Rev. C.
1987 Structure Functions and Correlations in NucleiNucl. Phys. A. 267.
1986 Momentum Distributions in A=3 and 4 NucleiNucl. Phys A..

Conference Papers

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1995 Monte Carlo approaches to the Few-Nucleon Continuum