Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2001 Six-body calculation of the alpha-deuteron radiative capture crosssectionPhysical Review C.
1998 Microscopic calculation of Li-6 elastic and transition form factorsPhysical Review Letters. 4317-4320.
1998 Weak capture of protons by protonsPhysical Review C. 1263-1277.
1996 Femtometer toroidal structures in nucleiPhysical Review C. 646-667.
1995 Accurate nucleon-nucleon potential with charge-independence breakingPhysical Review C. 38-51.
1994 Isovectoy spin-longitudinal and spin-transverse response of nucleiPhysical Review C. 789-801.
1993 Coulomb sum and proton-proton correlations in few-body nucleiPhysical Review Letters. 3856-3859.
1992 Effects of delta-isobar degrees of freedom on low-energy electroweaktransitions in few-body nucleiPhysical Review C. 2628-2639.
1991 Weak proton capture reactions on H-1 and HE-3 and tritium beta-decayPhysical Review C. 619-625.
1990 Radiative neutron-capture on HE-3Physical Review C. 830-836.