Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 Electromagnetic structure of few-nucleon ground statesJournal of Physics G-Nuclear and Particle Physics.
2016 Tritium beta decay in chiral effective field theoryPhysical Review C.
2013 Electromagnetic structure of A = 2 and 3 nuclei in chiral effective field theoryPhys Rev C.
2013 Proton-Proton Weak Capture in Chiral Effective Field TheoryPhysical Review Letters.
2012 Chiral Effective Field Theory Predictions for Muon Capture on Deuteronand He-3Physical Review Letters.
2012 Inclusive neutrino scattering off the deuteron from threshold to GeV energiesPhys Rev C.
2011 Muon capture on deuteron and He-3Physical Review C.
2011 Neutron spin rotation in (n)over-right-arrow-d scattering (vol 78,014002, 2008)Physical Review C.
2011 Two-body photodisintegration of 3He between 7 and 16 MeVPhys Lett B. 121.
2011 Two-body photodisintegration of He-3 between 7 and 16 MeVPhysics Letters B. 121-126.
2010 The parity-violating asymmetry in the ³He(n,p)³H reactionPhys Rev C.
2010 Thermal Neutron Captures on d and He-3Physical Review Letters.
2008 Neutron Spin Rotation in n-d ScatteringPhys Rev C.
2008 Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Magnetic Moments and M1 Transitions in A < 7 Nuclei Including Meson-Exchange CurrentsPhys Rev C.
2007 Isospin mixing in the nucleon and He-4 and the nucleon strange electricform factorPhysical Review Letters.
2006 Isospin mixing in the ?He gound sate and the nucleon strange form factorWorld Scientific.
2006 Modem theories of low-energy astrophysical reactionsNuclear Physics A. 111-136.
2005 Electrodisintegration of (3)He below and above deuteron breakupthresholdEUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL A. 95-99.
2005 Polarization Transfer in ?He(e(vec,e'p)³H: Is the Ration Gep/GMP Modified in MediumPhys Rev C.
2003 Parameter-Free Effective Field Theory calculation for the Solar Proton-Fusion and hep ProcessesPhys Rev C.
2003 Variational Calculation of Three-Nucleon Electroweak Capture ReactionsFew-Body Syst. Suppl.
2001 Weak Proton Capture on ³HePhys Rev C.
2000 Photo-and Electro-Disintegration of ³He at Threshold and pd Radiative CapturePhys Rev C.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2014 Nuclear electromagnetic processes in ChEFT
2011 Study of parity violating observables in few-nucleon systems
2009 Hadronic Parity Violation in Few-Body Systems
2003 Electromagnetic and Weak Transitions in Light Nuclei
2002 Three-Nucleon Electroweak Capture Reactions
2001 Few-Nucleon Reactions of Astrophysical Interest
2000 Hyperspherical-Harmonics Methods for Few-Nucleon Systems