Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2016 Nuclear axial currents in chiral effective field theoryPhysical Review C. 015501.
2016 Tritium beta decay in chiral effective field theoryPhysical Review C.
2015 Minimally nonlocal nucleon-nucleon potentials with chiral two-pionexchange including Delta resonancesPhysical Review C.
2011 Muon capture on deuteron and He-3Physical Review C.
2011 Neutron spin rotation in (n)over-right-arrow-d scattering (vol 78,014002, 2008)Physical Review C.
2011 Two-nucleon electromagnetic charge operator in chiral effective fieldtheory(chi EFT) up to one loopPhysical Review C.
2010 Electromagnetic processes in a chi EFT frameworkCHINESE PHYSICS C. 1368-1371.
2010 Relativity constraints on the Two-Nucleon Contact InteractionPhys Rev C.
2010 The parity-violating asymmetry in the ³He(n,p)³H reactionPhys Rev C.
2010 Thermal Neutron Captures on d and He-3Physical Review Letters.
2009 Electromagnetic Currents and Magnetic Moments in ?EFTPhys Rev C.
2009 Electromagnetic currents and magnetic moments in chiral effective fieldtheory (chi EFT)Physical Review C.
2008 Neutron Spin Rotation in n-d ScatteringPhys Rev C.
2007 Isospin mixing in the nucleon and He-4 and the nucleon strange electricform factorPhysical Review Letters.
2006 Isospin mixing in the ?He gound sate and the nucleon strange form factorWorld Scientific.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2014 Nuclear electromagnetic processes in ChEFT
2011 Study of parity violating observables in few-nucleon systems
2009 Electromagnetic Structure and Reactions of Few-Nucleon Systems in chiEFT
2009 Hadronic Parity Violation in Few-Body Systems