Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2008 Magnetohydrodynamics-based MicrofluidicsMechanics Research Communications.
2007 The Effect of Translocating Cylindrical Particles on the Ionic Current through a Nano-PoreBiophysical Journal. 1164-1177.
2006 Electrochemical reaction with RedOx electrolyte in toroidal conduits in the presence of natural convectionInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 3968-3976.
2005 Analysis of Sedimentation Bio-detectorsChemical Engineering Science. 2585-2598.
2005 Filling Carbon Nanotubes with ParticlesNano Letters. 873-878.
2005 Magneto-Hydrodynamic Flow of RedOx ElectrolytePhysics of Fluids.
2005 Magnetohydrodynamic Stirrer for Stationary and Moving FluidsSensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 859-870.
2005 Theoretical Investigation of Electroosmotic Flows and Chaotic Stirring in Rectangular CavitiesApplied Mathematical Modelling. 726-753.
2005 Thermally-Actuated, Phase-Change Flow Control for Microfluidic SystemsLab on a Chip. 1277-1285.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2005 The Effect of a Translocating Cylindrical Particle on the Ionic Current through a Nanopore