Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Social health insurance coverage and financial protection among rural-to-urban internal migrants in china: Evidence from a nationally representative cross-sectional studyBMJ Global Health. 1-13.
2010 Orthonormal bases with nonlinear phasesAdvances in Computational Mathematics. 75-95.
2009 Fast nonlinear Fourier expansionsAdvances in Adaptive Data Analysis. 373-405.
2009 Optimal learning of band-limited functions from localized samplingJ. Complexity.
2009 Recent mathematical development on empirical mode decompositionAdvances in Adaptive Data Analysis. 681-702.
2009 Renement of reproducing kernels
2009 Reproducing kernel Banach spaces in machine learningJ. Machine Learning Research. 2741-2775.
2007 Refinable kernelsJ. Mach. Learn. Res.. 2083-2120.
2006 Universal kernelsJ. Machine Learning Research. 2651-2667.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2003 Closed-Loop Performance for Flight Controllers Subject to Neutron-Induced Upsets.  2465-2470.