Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1999 Computation of Flame Base Height of a Turbulent Diffusion Flame Resulting from a Methane JetJSME International Journal, Series B.
1996 Numerical Prediction of Pressure Loss Coefficient and Induced Mass Flux for Laminar Natural Convective Flow in a Vertical Channel"Energy" The International Journal.
1994 An Approximate Method for Calculating Laminar Natural Convective Motion in a Trombe-Wall ChannelEnergy. 259-296.
1991 Second Law Analysis of Solar-Assisted Heat PumpsEnergy. 941-949.
1988 Mixed Laminar Convection in Trombe Wall ChannelsASME J. of Solar Energy Engineering. 31.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2000 Mixing and Combustion in SCRAMJET Combustor with Raised and Relieved Ramps
2000 Numerical Study of Effects of Ramp Swept Angle in Supersonic Mixing and Combustion
1996 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Lift-Off and Blow-Off Limits of Subsonic Methane Flame
1995 Numerical Prediction of Flame Base Height of a Diffusion Flame Produced by a Cylindrical Tube Methane Injector.  240-251.
1993 Flame Lift-Off and Thermal Load Characteristics of a Cylindrical Injector.  1346-1357.
1992 Calculation of Thermal Loads on a Methane Fuel Injector with Complex Geometry.  73-80.
1992 Numerical Modeling of Flame Lift-Off Phenomenon in A Combuster Chamber with Three Cylinders Methane Fuel Injector.  655-660.
1992 Ventilation Characteristics of a Trombe Wall Thermosyphon Loop
1991 The 8-Ft High Temperature Tunnel Combuster Analysis Using CFD Codes.  135-176.
1990 Modeling of a Hypersonic Wind Tunnel Combustor.  361-365.
1989 A CFD Analysis of Effects of Vent Location on Pollutant Concentration in Rooms.  158-160.
1989 Turbulent Natural Convection in Trombe Wall Solar Collector
1987 Second Law Analysis of a Solar-Assisted Heat Pump.  519-526.
A Computer Program for Calculation of Thermodynamic Properties of Non-Ideal Gas Mixtures