Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1998 High missing momentum components in He-4 studied withthe (e, e-prime p) reactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 2543-2546.
1998 Signatures for Short-Range Correlations in O-16 Observedin the Reaction O-16 (e, e-prime pp) C-14Phys. Rev. Lett.. 2213-2216.
1997 Dominance of S-01 Proton-Pair Emission in the O-16 (e,e-prime pp) ReactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 4893-4897.
1995 High missing-momentum components in He-4 studied withthe (e,e’ p) reactionFew Body Syst. Suppl.. 176-180.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1998 The He-4 (e, e-prime p) cross-section at large missing energy.  593C-596C.