Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Spatiotemporal variations in precipitation across the Chinese Mongolian plateau over the past half centuryAtmospheric Research. 204-215.
2014 Predicted NPP spationtemporal variations in a semiarid steppe watershed for historical and trending climatesJournal of Arid Environments. 67-79.
2014 Responses of grass production to precipitation in a mid-latitude typical steppe watershedTransactions of the ASABE. 1595-1610.
2014 Trend and extreme occurrence of precipitation in a mid-latitude Eurasian steppe watershed at various time scalesHydrological Processes. 5547-5560.
2012 Development of a robust runoff-prediction model by fusing the Rational Equation and a modified SCS-CN methodHydrological Sciences Journal. 1118-1140.
2012 Influences of landform as a confounding variable on SOM-NDVI association in semiarid Ordos PlateauJournal of Arid Land. 450-456.
2010 Development of a Regional Regression Model for Estimating Annual Runoff in the Hailar River Basin of China.Journal of Water Resource & Protection.
2010 Estimation of design discharge for an ungauged overflow-receiving watershed using one-dimensional hydrodynamic modelIntl. J. River Basin Management. 79-92.
2010 Simulating hydrologic effects of raised roads within a low-relief watershedJournal of Hydrologic Engineering. 585-597.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2011 Development of a modified rational equation for arid-region runoff estimation.  22-26.
2010 Incorporating Affects of Raised Roads into Hydrology Model to Improve Simulation of Low-Relief Watershed.  4485-4499.