Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1990 Understanding strategic usage of 'on the job' reference aidsApplied Ergonomics. 25-32.
1987 Automatic and controlled processing approach to interpreting vigilance performanceHuman factors. 653-660.
1987 Event asynchrony and signal regularity in sustained attentionCurrent Psychological Research and Reviews. 335-343.


Year Title
1989 Strategies for on line procedural documentation usageIntelligent Interfaces: Theory, Research and Design. North Holland: Elsevier Science Publishers.
1987 Event asynchrony and task demands in sustained attentionErgonomics and Human Factors. Springer Verlag.
1985 Toward an understanding of documentation usage: Referencing and problem solving strategiesTrends in Ergonomics/Human Factors II. North Holland: Elsevier Science Publishers.
1984 Procedural on line documentationTrends in Ergonomics/Human Factors I. North Holland: Elsevier Science Foundation.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1986 Relative value of pictures and text: Performance and memory evaluations.  1269-1272.
1985 Information scanning patterns and retrieval strategies of well trained documentation users.  422-426.
1985 Strategies for on line "procedural" documentation usage.  265-267.
1983 Issues in training for skilled performance.  392-396.