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Year Title
2004 Complete angular distribution measurements of two-body deuteron photodisintegration between 0.5-GeV and 3-GeVPhys. Rev.. 014005.
2004 Tensor polarization of the phi meson photoproduced at high tPhys. Rev.. 032203.
2003 A Kinematically complete measurement of the protonstructure function F(2) in the resonance region andevaluation of its momentsPhys. Rev.. 092001.
2003 First measurement of transferred polarization in the exclusive polarized-e p —> e-prime K+ polarized-Lambda reactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 131804.
2003 Measurement of e p —> e-prime p pi+ pi- and baryonresonance analysisPhys. Rev. Lett.. 022002.
2003 Measurement of inclusive spin structure functions of thedeuteronPhys. Rev.. 055204.
2003 Observation of nuclear scaling in the A(e, e-prime)reaction at x(B) greater than 1Phys. Rev.. 014313.
2003 Photoproduction of the omega meson on the proton atlarge momentum transferPhys. Rev. Lett.. 022002.
2003 Study of e p —> e p pi0 in the Delta(1232) mass regionusing polarization asymmetriesPhys. Rev.. 035202.
2002 Eta photoproduction on the proton for photon energiesfrom 0.75-GeV to 1.95-GeVPhys. Rev. Lett.. 222002.
2002 First measurement of the double spin asymmetry inpolarized-e polarized-p —> e-prime pi+ n in theresonance regionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 082001.
2002 Q**2 dependence of quadrupole strength in the gamma* p—> Delta+(1232) —> p pi0 transitionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 122001.
2001 Observation of exclusive deeply virtual Comptonscattering in polarized electron beam asymmetrymeasurementsPhys. Rev. Lett.. 182002.
2001 Photoproduction of the rho0 meson on the proton at largemomentum transferPhys. Rev. Lett.. 172002.