Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2003 Design and implementation of a domain specific language for phylogenetic inferenceJournal of bioinformatics and computational biology. 201-230.
2003 The level-ancestor problem on pure pointer machinesInformation processing letters. 275-283.
2002 An optimal algorithm for finding NCA on pure pointer machinesAlgorithm Theory—SWAT 2002. 428-438.
2002 An optimal data structure to handle dynamic environments in non-deterministic computationsComputer Languages, Systems & Structures. 181-201.
2002 Ancestor problems on pure pointer machinesLecture Notes in Computer Science. 263-277.
2001 Interoperability between bioinformatics tools: A logic programming approachLecture Notes in Computer Science. 153-168.
2000 Data structures for order-sensitive predicates in parallel nondeterministic systemsActa Informatica. 21-43.
2000 The temporal precedence problemAlgorithmica. 288-306.
1999 On the complexity of or-parallelismNew Generation Computing. 285-307.
1998 Efficient algorithms for the temporal precedence problemInformation processing letters. 71-78.
1998 The complexity of late-binding in dynamic object-oriented languagesPrinciples of Declarative Programming. 213-229.


Year Title
2002 An Efficient Parallel Pointer Machine Algorithm for the NCA ProblemFoundations of Information Technology in the Era of Network and Mobile Computing. Springer.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2003 An agent-based domain specific framework for rapid prototyping of applications in evolutionary biology.  76-96.
2003 On the complexity of dependent and-parallelism in logic programming.  361-376.
2002 /spl Phi/LOG: a domain specific language for solving phylogenetic inference problems.  9-20.
2002 Semantics-based filtering
1997 On the complexity of parallel implementation of logic programs.  123-137.