Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2009 Exclusive rho0 electroproduction on the proton at CLASEur. Phys. J.. 5-31.
2009 Measurement of Direct ƒ?(980) Photoproduction on the ProtonPhysical Review Letters.
2009 Measurement of semi-inclusive ??electroproduction off the protonPhysical Review D.
2009 Moments of the spin structure functions gp? and g ? for 0.05 < Q² <3 .0 GeV²Phys. Lett. B. 12-16.
2008 Electroexcitation of the Roper resonance at 1.7Physical Review C.
2008 Electroproduction of ? (1020) mesons at 1.4< Q²<3.8 GeV² measured with the CLaS spectrometerPhysical Review C.
2008 First measurement of target and double spin asymmetries for e(vec) p (vec) ? ep?? in the nucleon resonance region above the ? (1232)Physical Review C.
2008 Measurement of ep ? ep ? 0 beam spin asymmetries above the resonance regionPhys. Rev. C. 042201.
2007 ?? photoproduction on the proton for photon energies from 0.675 to 2.875 GeVPhys Rev C. 025211.
2007 Cross sections for the ?p ? K*??? Reaction at E(?) = 1.7 - 3.0 GeVPhys Rev C. 042201.
2007 Measurement of coherent phi-meson photoproduction from the deuteron at low energiesPhys. Rev. C. 052202.
2007 Q² dependence of the S??(1535) photocoupling and evidence for a P-wave resonance in ? electroproductionPhysical Review C.
2007 Search for Medium Modifications of the rho mesonPhys. Rev. Lett. 262302.
2007 Separated Structure Functions for the Exclusive Electroproduction of K^+ ? and K+ ?^0 Final StatesPhys Rev C. 045203.
2006 ?? photoproduction on the photon for photon energies from 1.527 to 2.227 GeVPHys Rev Lett. 062001.
2006 Differential Cross Sections for ? + p ? K + Y for ? and ?? HyperonsPhys Rev C. 035202.
2006 Measurement of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering with a Polarized Proton TargetPHys Rev Lett.
2006 Measurement of the N to ?(1232) Transition at High Momentum Transfer by ?^0 ElectroproductionPHys Rev Lett. 112003.
2006 Measurement of the deuteron structure function F? in the resonance region and evaluation of its momentsPhys. Rev. C.
2006 Measurement of the x- and Q²- dependence of the spin asymmetry A? of the nucleonPhys Lett B.
2006 Search for the ? ? pentaquark in the ?d ? ?nK? Rection measured with CLASPHys Rev Lett. 032001.
2006 Search for the ?? pentaquark in the reaction ?d ? pK? K? nPHys Rev Lett. 212001.
2005 Survey of A(LT-prime) asymmetries in semi-exclusiveelectron scattering on He-4 and C-12Nucl. Phys.. 357-373.
2004 Complete measurement of three-body photodisintegration of He-3 for photon energies between 0.35-GeV and1.55-GeVPhys. Rev.. 064003.
2004 Observation of an exotic baryon with S = +1 inphotoproduction from the protonPhys. Rev. Lett.. 032001.
2004 Proton source size measurements in the eA —> e-primeppX reactionPhys. Rev. Lett.. 192301.
2004 Tensor polarization of the phi meson photoproduced at high tPhys. Rev.. 032203.
2004 Two-Nucleon Momentum Distributions Measured in 3He(e,épp)nPHys Rev Lett. 052303.
2003 Observation of an exotic S = +1 baryon in exclusivephotoproduction from the deuteronPhys. Rev. Lett.. 252001.