Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2012 Abundant and stable char residues in soils: implications for soil fertility and carbon sequestrationEnvironmental Science & Technology. 9571-9576.
2011 Rapid degradation of carbon tetrachloride by commercial micro-scale zinc powder assisted by citric acidEnvironmental chemistry letters. 431-438.
2010 Catalytic role of soils in the transformation of Cr (VI) to Cr (III) in the presence of organic acids containing $?$-OH groupsGeoderma. 270-275.
2009 A comparative study of oxidation of Cr (III) in aqueous ions, complex ions and insoluble compounds by manganese-bearing mineral (birnessite)Chemosphere. 536-541.
2009 Fe (III) photocatalytic reduction of Cr (VI) by low-molecular-weight organic acids with $?$-OHJournal of Hazardous Materials. 1569-1574.
2006 Chemical stabilization of soil organic nitrogen by phenolic lignin residues in anaerobic agroecosystemsSoil Biology and Biochemistry. 3303-3312.
2005 Methylene spectral editing in solid-state 13 C NMR by three-spin coherence selectionJournal of Magnetic Resonance. 1-6.
2004 Accurate quantification of aromaticity and nonprotonated aromatic carbon fraction in natural organic matter by 13C solid-state nuclear magnetic resonanceEnvironmental Science & Technology. 2680-2684.
2003 Nuclear magnetic resonance and diffuse-reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy of biosolids-derived biocolloidal organic matterEnvironmental Science & Technology. 1751-1757.
2003 Recoupled long-range C–H dipolar dephasing in solid-state NMR, and its use for spectral selection of fused aromatic ringsJournal of Magnetic Resonance. 217-227.
2002 Correlation of poly (methylene)-rich amorphous aliphatic domains in humic substances with sorption of a nonpolar organic contaminant, phenanthreneEnvironmental Science & Technology. 929-936.
2002 Efficient CH-group selection and identification in 13C solid-state NMR by dipolar DEPT and 1H chemical-shift filteringJournal of the American Chemical Society. 13938-13948.
2002 Selective observation of nitrogen-bonded carbons in solid-state NMR by saturation-pulse induced dipolar exchange with recouplingChemical Physics Letters. 403-411.
2001 New structural information on a humic acid from two-dimensional 1H-13C correlation solid-state nuclear magnetic resonanceEnvironmental Science & Technology. 1928-1934.