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Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Advanced solid-state NMR spectroscopy of natural organic matterProgress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. 17-51.
2014 APPENDIX A. ABUNDANT AND STABLE CHAR RESIDUES IN SOILS: IMPLICATIONS FOR SOIL FERTILITY AND CARBON SEQUESTRATIONSolid state NMR of carbon and catalyst materials with applications for biorenewable chemicals. 155.
2009 Nonaromatic coreshell structure of nanodiamond from solid-state NMRJournal of the American Chemical Society. 1426-1435.
2008 . Nonaromatic core-shell structure of nanodiamond from solid–state NMRNMR studies of complex carbon-containing materials: Maillard reaction products, soil, nanodiamond, and carbon modified TiO?. 158.
2007 Characterization of a nitrogen-rich fulvic acid and its precursor algae by solid-state NMROrganic Geochemistry. 1277-1292.
2007 Effect of magnetic particles on NMR spectra of Murchison meteorite organic matter and a polymer-based model systemSolid state nuclear magnetic resonance. 63-71.
2007 Humic acids from particulate organic matter in the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence Estuary investigated by advanced solid-state NMRGeochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. 5483-5499.
2007 Molecular-scale heterogeneity of humic acid in particle-size fractions of two Iowa soilsGeoderma. 17-29.
2007 www. elsevier. com/locate/geodermaGeoderma. 215.
2006 Absence of mobile carbohydrate domains in dry humic substances proven by NMR, and implications for organic-contaminant sorptionEnvironmental Science and Technology. 1751-1756.
2006 Chemical stabilization of soil organic nitrogen by phenolic lignin residues in anaerobic agroecosystemsSoil Biology and Biochemistry. 3303-3312.
2005 Does anaerobic decomposition of crop residues impair soil nitrogen cycling and yield trends in lowland rice?Copyright International Rice Research Institute 2005. 374.
2005 Methylene spectral editing in solid-state 13 C NMR by three-spin coherence selectionJournal of Magnetic Resonance. 1-6.
2005 Methylene spectral editing in solid-state NMR by three-spin coherence selectionJournal of Magnetic Resonance. 1-6.
2004 Accurate quantification of aromaticity and nonprotonated aromatic carbon fraction in natural organic matter by 13C solid-state nuclear magnetic resonanceEnvironmental Science & Technology. 2680-2684.
2004 Accurate quantification of aromaticity and unprotonated aromatic carbon fraction in natural organic matter by ^13C solid-state NMREnvironmental Science and Technology. 2680-2684.
2004 Caracterizacao Espectroscópica da Matéria Organica do Solo.Embrapa Instrumentacao Agropecuária. Circular Técnica.
2004 Separation of acetal or ketal O-C-O ^13C NMR signals from aromatic-carbon bands by a chemical-shift-anisotropy filterSolid State NMR. 36-45.
2003 Nuclear magnetic resonance and diffuse-reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy of biosolids-derived biocolloidal organic matterEnvironmental Science & Technology. 1751-1757.
2003 Recoupled long-range C–H dipolar dephasing in solid-state NMR, and its use for spectral selection of fused aromatic ringsJournal of Magnetic Resonance. 217-227.
2002 A robust technique for two-dimensional separation of undistorted chemical-shift anisotropy powder patterns in magic-angle-spinning NMRJournal of Magnetic Resonance. 15-28.
2002 Correlation of poly (methylene)-rich amorphous aliphatic domains in humic substances with sorption of a nonpolar organic contaminant, phenanthreneEnvironmental Science & Technology. 929-936.
2002 Efficient CH-group selection and identification in 13C solid-state NMR by dipolar DEPT and 1H chemical-shift filteringJournal of the American Chemical Society. 13938-13948.
2002 Selective observation of nitrogen-bonded carbons in solid-state NMR by saturation-pulse induced dipolar exchange with recouplingChemical Physics Letters. 403-411.
2001 New structural information on a humic acid from two-dimensional 1H-13C correlation solid-state nuclear magnetic resonanceEnvironmental Science & Technology. 1928-1934.
2000 DIVISION S-2¡ªSOIL CHEMISTRYSoil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 873-884.
2000 Quantitative characterization of humic substances by solid-state carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonanceSoil Science Society of America Journal. 873-884.
1998 Structure and Elemental Composition of Humic Acids: Comparison of Solid-State 1 3C NMR Calculations and Chemical AnalysesSPECIAL PUBLICATION-ROYAL SOCIETY OF CHEMISTRY. 79-90.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2015 Seasonal variability in the composition of dissolved organic matter in the Yukon River, Alaska
2013 Photochemical Flocculation of Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter (tDOM) and Iron: Mechanisms and Geochemical Implications
2005 Isolation and Characterization of Humic Acids from" slickspot" Soils.  54.
2004 Isolation and Characterization of Humic Substances from Soils Collected at Juniper Butte Range, Idaho.  175-177.
2004 Nitrogen-bonded aromatics in soil organic matter and their implications for a yield decline in intensive rice cropping.  6351-6354.
2003 Chemistry of Humic Substances in Irish Soils
2003 Detection of Aromatic-Bonded N and Associated Lignin Residues in a Humic Fraction by Advanced Solid-State Nmr
1999 Discovery of crystalline and amorphous aliphatic components in humic substances using solid-state NMR..  U649-U649.
1999 Solid-state C-13 NMR quantification of humic acid composition by DP/MAS corrected by CP/T-1-TOSS..  U649-U649.