Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
1999 Influence of attrition milling on nano-grain boundariesNanostructured Materials. 331-342.
1998 Applications of the mössbauer spectroscopy in the characterization of nanostructured materialsJ. Materials Science and Engineering. 212-220.
1998 Effect of mechanical alloying on the microstructural properties of Fe-xAl systemHyperfine Interactions. 25-28.
1998 X-ray diffraction and mossbauer effect characterization of attritor-milled nanostructured iron and iron-nitrogen powdersPhilosophical Magazine. 956-977.
1997 Differences in the microstructure of iron mechanically processed powder alloyed with interstitial and substitutional elementsNanostructured Materials. 947-952.
1997 Similarities and differences in the microstructure of attritor-milled Fe-Al-N compositionsJournal of Materials Research. 947.
1996 Mechanically alloying nitrogen into iron-alloy powderJapanese Journal of the Iron and Steel Institute. 958.
1996 Microstructural development of iron powder during attritor ball millingMaterials Science Forum. 533-538.
1995 BCT-formation during mechanical processing of BCC-Fe powderScripta Metallurgica et Materialia. 1319.
1995 Microstructure development and stability of iron powder mechanically alloyed in a nitrogen atmosphereJournal of Materials Synthesis and Processing. 263.
1994 The microstrucructural properties of highly nitrogenated iron and iron-aluminum powdersHyperfine Interactions. 959.

Conference Papers

Year Title
1996 Formation of BCT-Fe through attritor ball-milling of iron powder in nitrogen.  141.