Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2006 Oxazolidinones, antibacterialJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.. 728-746.
2003 General three carbon chiral synthons from carbohydrates: chiral pool and chiral auxiliary approachesACS Symp. Ser.. 85-101.
2000 Offsetting the tubule-forming tendency of chiral diacetylene-containing lipids: Planar strips, ribbons, and liposomes from a diacetylenic lipid analog of a thermophilic bacteriumAdv. Mater. (Weinheim, Ger.). 871-874.
2000 Optically-active three-carbon synthons: another milestone in the creation of a general carbohydrate chiral technology platformChim. Oggi. 40-42.
2000 Toward a Carbohydrate-Based Chemistry: Progress in the Development of General-Purpose Chiral Synthons from CarbohydratesChem. Rev. (Washington, D. C.). 4267-4282.
1999 Direct Conversion of (S)-3-Hydroxy-?-butyrolactone to Chiral Three-Carbon Building BlocksJ. Org. Chem.. 1036-1038.
1999 Easily Accessible Uniform Wide-Diameter Helical, Cylindrical, and Nested Diacetylene Superstructures That Can Be Metallized and Oriented in Magnetic FieldsLangmuir. 6135-6138.
1999 Synthesis and Properties of Chiral Self-Assembling Lamellar Polydiacetylene Systems with Very-Long-Range OrderLangmuir. 3062-3069.
1999 Synthesis and Properties of a Bipolar, Bisphosphatidyl Ethanolamine That Forms Stable 2-Dimensional Self-Assembled Bilayer Systems and LiposomesJ. Org. Chem.. 4140-4147.
1999 Synthetic routes to L-carnitine and L-gamma-amino-beta-hydroxybutyric acid from (S)-3-hydroxybutyrolactone by functional group priority switchingTetrahedron: Asymmetry. 1895-1901.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2000 Progress towards the development of a general chemistry from carbohydrates.  SESW-834.
1999 New ordered 2-D side-chain polymer architecture with polydiacetylene functionality through diacetylene alignment on a hydroxylated polyamide backbone.  ORGN-245.
1999 Toward a carbohydrate-based renewable resource chemistry.  IEC-063.
Synthesis and properties of chiral self-assembling lamellar polydiacetylene systems with very high long-range order.  ORGN-534.