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Year Title
1998 Emission of cumulative protons in the reaction C-12(e,e' p)Phys. Atom. Nucl.. 207-213.
1997 Effect of nuclear matter on electron nucleon interaction in the reaction C-12(e,e' p)Phys. Atom. Nucl.. 1069-1076.
1988 On the difference of spectra and structure fuctions of nuclei obtained in inclusive and foward-backward correlation production of cumulative photoprotonsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 1047.
1987 Correlations in photoproduction of cumulative protonsSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 468.
1985 Structure functions of the nuclei C-12, Cu-63, Pb-208 in the cumulative proton photoproductionYad. Fiz.. 353-356.
1983 Angular Dependence of the Yield of Cumulative Protons Produced in $\gamma$ a Interactions at $e (\gamma$) Max = 4.5-GeVSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 385.
1981 A-Dependence of the yield of deuteron inclusive photoproduction on nuclei
1981 A-dependence of Inclusive $\pi^\pm$ Meson PhotoproductionSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 50.
1981 On the angular dependence of photoprotons From nuclei irradiated by $\gamma$ quanta with maximum energy 4.5-GeVNucl. Phys.. 429.
1981 Spectra of Cumulative Protons in the $\gamma ^{12}$C $\to P X$ Process at $\gamma$ Quanta Maximum Energy 4.5-GeVSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 828.
1980 $\pi^\pm$ Meson Spectra in the Inclusive Reaction $\gamma C \to \pi X$ Caused by Bremsstrahlung $\gamma$ Quanta With the Maximum Energy 4.5-GeVJETP Lett.. 652.
1980 Angular Dependence of the Low-energy Photopions in the Back HemisphereJETP Lett.. 349.
1980 Angular dependence of low-energy PI+- Meson yield. (in Russian)Pisma Zh. Eksp. Teor. Fiz.. 381-384.
1977 Angular Distribution of Photoprotons from C-12, Cu-63, and Pb-208 Nuclei Irradiated with Bremsstrahlung of Maximum Energy 4.5-GeVSov. J. Nucl. Phys.. 292.
1977 Angular Distribution of b and c Parameters of Normalized Invariant Cross-Section rho = c**(-BP**2) of gamma a --> p a' Reaction at Maximum Energy of Bremsstrahlung gamma Quanta 4.5-GeVYad. Fiz.. 1018-1021.