Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
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2008 Extracting Intramural Wavefront Orientation From Optical Upstroke Shapes in Whole HeartsBiophysical Journal. 942-50.
2008 Nondestructive Optical Determination of Fiber Organization in Whole HeartMicroscope Research and Technique. 510-16.
2008 Reconstructing subsurface electrical wave orientation from cardiac epi-fluorescence recordings: Monte Carlo versus diffusion approximationOptics Express. 13758-72.
2007 Bradycardic onset of spiral wave re-entry: structural substrates.Europace. 59-63.
2006 Dynamics of Bound States of Same-Chirality Spiral WavesPhys Rev E. 016207.
2006 Near-threshold Field Stimulation: Intramural Versus Surface ActivationCardiovasc Res. 98-106.
2006 What can we learn from the optically recorded epicardial action potential?Biophys J. 3959-60.
2005 Alternating conduction in the ischemic border zone as a precursor of reentrant arrhythmias: a simulation studyEuropace. 93-104.
2005 Asymmetric Bound States of Spiral Pairs in Excitable MediaPHys Rev Lett. 098302.
2005 Optical action potential upstroke morphology reveals near-surface transmural propagation directionCirc Res. 277-84.
2003 Delayed success in termination of three-dimensional reentry: role of surface polarizationJ Cardiovasc Electrophysiol. S257-S263.