Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2011 Positive disclosure among college students: What do they talk about, to whom, and why?Journal of Positive Psychology. 119-130.
2011 Unwanted pursuit in same-sex relationships: Effects of attachment styles investment model variables, and minority stressorsPartner Abuse. 300-322.
2008 Social comparison activity in coping with HIVInternational Journal of STD & AIDS. 164-167.
2004 Reasons for HIV disclosure/nondisclosure in close relationships: Testing a model of HIV-disclosure decision makingJournal of Social and Clinical Psychology. 747-767.
2002 Close relationships as sources of strength or obstacles for mothers coping with HIVJournal of Personal and Interpersonal Loss. 157-184.
2002 Perceived HIV-related stigma and HIV disclosure to relationship partners after finding out about the seropositive diagnosisJournal of Health Psychology. 415-432.


Year Title
2008 Self-disclosure at the beginnings of a close relationshipHandbook of beginning personal relationships. London: Psychology Press.