Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2006 Providing asthma acre in elementary schools: Understanding barriers to determine best practicesFamily and Community Health. 256-265.
2006 What providers from general emergency departments say about implementing a pediatric asthma pathwayClinical Pediatrics. 325-334.
2005 Combining employment and breastfeeding: Utilizing a work-family conflict framework to understand obstacles and solutionsJournal of Business and Psychology. 31-51.
2004 Assessing a community's pediatric asthma care needs: Insights gained from physicians, school nurses, and parentsPediatric Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology. 25-35.
2004 Child health: A legitimate business concernJournal of Occupational Health Psychology. 306-321.
2004 Exploring work and family distractions: antecedents and outcomesInternational Journal of Stress Management. 346-365.