Selected Publications

Articles In Academic Journals

Year Title
2017 Synthesis and Study of Molecular Assemblies Formed by 4,6-O-(2-Phenylethylidene)-Functionalized d-Glucosamine DerivativesLangmuir. 8076-8089.
2017 Synthesis and characterization of amide linked triazolyl glycolipids as molecular hydrogelators and organogelatorsRSC Advances. 40887-40895.
2015 Efficient asymmetric synthesis of structurally diverse P-stereogenic phosphinamides for catalyst designAngew. Chem., Int. Ed.. 5474-5477.
2014 Synthesis of Phosphaguanidines by Hydrophosphination of Carbodiimides with Phosphine BoranesJ. Org. Chem.. 9878-9887.

Conference Papers

Year Title
2017 Design, synthesis and study of N-acetyl D-glucosamine based triazole derivatives as organogelators.  ORGN-419.
2016 Design, synthesis, and characterization of glycolipids based on D-glucosamine and triazoles.  ORGN-521.
2016 Synthesis and characterization of carbohydrate-based small molecular organogelators and hydrogelators.  MARM-240.
2016 Synthesis, and characterization of glycosyl triazoles from D-glucose and D-glucosamine.  ORGN-522.
2015 Synthesis and analysis of a series of N-acetyl D-glucosamine derivatives as organogelators.  CHED-1300.
2014 Design, synthesis, and characterizations of dendritic glycoclusters.  CARB-84.
Synthesis and characterization of D-glucosamine derived lipids as low molecular weight gelators.  CHED-1553.
Synthesis and characterization of novel carbohydrate based macrocycles.  ORGN-417.